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Parature’s New Social Monitor Product Empowers Customer Service Teams to Drive Engagement

Presented By: Parature

Parature’s New Social Monitor Product Empowers Customer Service Teams to Drive Engagement

As more organizations recognize the urgent need for better response to questions posed on social media channels, cloud-based customer service software innovator Parature is rolling out an exciting new tool to improve customer satisfaction, increase retention and protect brand reputation.

Parature Social Monitor is the first social monitoring product designed specifically for customer service teams. The new product is built as a social tab within the existing Parature Customer Service Suite and works with Parature for Facebook to provide companies in just about every vertical segment with a complete end-to-end social media customer service engagement solution.

Companies now have the capability to offer a social media platform for customer comments and inquiries, using tools to proactively monitor conversations on Facebook and Twitter, while leveraging advanced workflow and routing capabilities among multiple teams to facilitate quicker resolution of all issues raised.

Last fall, a Maritz-Evolve 24 survey found that 70% of customer complaints on Twitter went unanswered: a Conversocial study revealed the potential consequences of such inaction- 68% of customers would be less likely to buy from a brand if their social question got no response.

“Just as no organization can afford to leave their phones off,” said Duke Chung, Chairman and Co-Founder of Parature, “companies no longer have the luxury of ignoring customer service questions inside social channels.”

Chung pointed to two other studies that emphasized the importance of a product that addressed the demand for customer service social monitoring: an Eptica survey found that 68% of customers believe that service teams should be responsible for customer service on social channels and an Aberdeen Group report revealed that 44% of customer service teams didn’t have the technology in place to adequately engage and respond to questions on social media channels.

“For too long, customer service teams have had to use programs designed for marketing departments to monitor social channels,” noted Chung. “While these are fine products, agents had to go back and forth between too many different screens and copy and paste information to achieve tasks.”

Parature’s Social Monitor allows customer service agents to:

  • View content from multiple Facebook fan pages and Twitter in one simple user interface
  • Search across usernames and message content to find posts by keywords or users
  • Create service tickets from any social activity and view ticket details created from a post within the monitor
  • Use a flexible tagging and filtering system and better understand what customers are talking about by tagging related posts
  • Compile CRM profiles of active social customers
  • Respond back directly from the service desk to multiple channels (social, web, email) as well as from multiple social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

While increasing the level of involvement of customer service teams in the social media arena, Parature’s Social Monitor can also improve companywide performance. “All teams –including sales and marketing – can collaborate using just one tool to resolve customer inquiries faster and more efficiently,” explained Chung.

He drew the parallel of shifting the responsibility for social media response within a company to Parature’s origins of delivering online customer service. “Back in 2001, many organizations told us that responses to online inquiries needed to go through the CMO. Then, as now, they’ve come to the realization that customer service teams can provide the right answers when given the right technology.”

Parature’s Social Monitor is now in beta testing and will become officially available in Q1 2013. The company is also planning to add capabilities for upcoming releases of the solution to monitor LinkedIn and well.

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