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Aspect Applications Foundation Enables Companies to Shape Their Own Next Generation Customer Contact Solutions


Presented By: Aspect

Versatile New Development Platform Brings Together Multichannel interaction, Workforce Optimization and Technological Expertise with Microsoft Enterprise Applications

Aspect views Next Generation Customer Contact (NGCC) as finding better ways to bring people and information together, allowing them to work with their partner companies to collaboratively create unique customer engagement applications.

In the brief few weeks since the introduction of the Aspect Applications Foundation, their powerful new Microsoft-based NGCC development platform, Aspect has been actively discussing a plethora of new possibilities with companies in a variety of industries. And some early adopters are already putting this game-changing tool to work.

Aspect is a leading provider of customer contact, enterprise workforce optimization and Microsoft platform solutions. By uniting their multichannel interaction management software and workforce optimization solution with Microsoft’s widely used SharePoint, Lync and Dynamic CRM, Aspect is giving their clients an exciting new opportunity to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

“More than 70% of businesses are already using these Microsoft CRM unified communication and collaborative technologies,” said Mike Sheridan, executive vice president at Aspect. “This means companies do not have to throw away existing systems: they can take advantage of applications they already have and allow us to help them build on that.”
”The Aspect Applications Foundation offers more mobile, more social and more multichannel capabilities plus flexibility that extends beyond the contact center,” continued Sheridan, “It can help companies address the complexity of managing enterprise sales, solution and collections functions.

“For example, agents now have to navigate through as many as seven separate screens during some transactions: the Aspect Applications Foundation can pull information from many sources to be put in place on one customized screen.”

Capabilities of the Aspect Applications Foundation include the following:

  • Enterprise Collaboration- provides internal collaboration and knowledge sharing within the contact center as well as between the contact center and the broader enterprise through email, knowledge base, visibility into task assignment and status, internal discussion boards and announcements
  • Social Enablement- equips the contact center to use discussion boards, IM, chat and social networks and provide context, interaction history and guidance.
  • Advanced Analytics- provides actionable intelligence from all relevant analytical areas to executives, managers supervisors, agents and knowledge workers, and provides intelligence to the systems that are driving business processes.
  • Workforce Accelerators- create a streamlined, intuitive agent interface that reduces handle times, improves efficiencies, provides context for customer issues and facilitates communication between agents, their supervisors and enterprise experts.
  • Optimization & Automation- facilitates integration and automation of customer-facing processes in the front and back offices and integrates with third-party systems such as HR, payroll and CRM.

Sheridan compared its introduction to the early days of CTI in the 90’s. “Making the integration of data from IVR and voice immediately available to agents was a huge step forward,” he noted. ”The Applications Foundation is a customer service evolution, enabling users to better collaborate with customers over Web and social channels, getting not just screen pops but context. It’s a layer that orchestrates the user company across channels, but does not force them into any of them”

At this early juncture, he estimated that about 30 companies are using some form of the Aspect Applications Foundation. One major healthcare client is using it to integrate patient history, interactions, prescribed medications and more.

Golfbreaks.com, a UK-based golf vacation service chose Aspect ( in collaboration with its partner Dell) to integrate their in-house CRM system, web chat, voice calls (via Microsoft Lync) into one streamlined system. Aspect implemented the customer interaction system and added workforce optimization capabilities for Golfbreak.com’s 65 agents in their Windsor-based contact center, The result has been an improvement in workforce performance and less wasted agent time.

“Clients can use the Applications Foundation to customize applications for their own needs,” said Sheridan.”They also have the option of working with Aspect Professional Services to work with them, employing the contact center and Microsoft development expertise of our staff.”