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Persistent, Consistent Social Media Engagement

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1.5 billion and counting
With the rise of social media to well over 1.5 billion users, an increasing share of consumer attention, and a widening array of social media venues and usage patterns, marketers must recognize social as more than just another channel to achieve impressions reach via ads. They must seek and accomplish a new form of persistent, consistentsocial media engagement.

Social media defined
Social media is a series of online venues in which people connect with each other, dialogue, and form relationships. Many forms of social media and additional features and content exist alongside the core relationship value. But ultimately, if people are not talking with each other and not forming relationships, it’s not social. As obvious as this is, it’s also the core principle that many marketers today are missing. For the best results in social media marketing, you have to utilize the fundamentals of dialogue and relationships.

Yet today most social media marketing is not truly social. Rather, it’s traditional broadcast, PR, and digital advertising, shoved through social channels and at customers who want something different, something more. Brands can achieve consistent, persistent social engagement and new heights of marketing success by better understanding the core consumer benefits of social media, the nature of the social media landscape, and how to build a social cultural architecture.


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