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SalesPortal Presents New Opportunity for Contact Centers to Monetize Call Traffic

Presented By: SalesPortal

As a contact center executive, would you be interested if someone told you about a new way to extend the range of services you offered your customers? And if this new program had minimal impact on your operations and required little to no agent training, would you be even more intrigued? And if the capper was that it offered an opportunity to generate significant new revenue streams from your existing call traffic, you’d most likely want to know how soon you could get involved.

These are the advantages offered by SalesPortal the first partnership marketing platform for contact centers. SalesPortal’s unique program enables companies with contact centers to present their customers with relevant offers from selected marketing partners at the end of sales and service calls.

As noted, there is no training involved because the agent only tells customers the basic information on the offer. Interested customers are then live-transferred to the partnering companies, providing these partners with a new low-cost, high-quality customer acquisition channel. It’s a win-win for both the contact center and potential marketing partners in such areas as travel, home services, financial services and automobile parts and services.

The key to success of course is relevancy: offering customers offers aligned to the purpose of their call that will be of interest to them. Joe McFadden, SalePortal’s new vice president of marketing cited as an example that customers making inquiries about a home security system might receive offers in such related categories as moving companies, insurance or public storage systems.

“Contact centers can be selective”, said McFadden. “Each participating organization will build a profile on the SalesPortal website describing who they are, what services they provide and what types of partnerships in which they’d be interested in becoming involved.”
SalesPortal is a cloud-based solution with the functionality to match up partner companies, create and manage campaigns, present relevant end-of-call offers to the agent desktop, and transfer calls to partner contact centers. For more information, visit

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