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Radialpoint Remote Technical Support Provides Consumer Solutions and Increased Corporate Profit Margins

Presented By: radialpoint

When consumers can get answers to technical questions about all of their computers, smartphones, home wi-fi networks and other electronic devices from one single source for as little as $10-$20 per month while major OEMs, ISP carriers or major retailers can enjoy profit margins of as much as 50% for providing such a service, it’s a “win-win” proposition.

More and more of these organizations are turning to one company to facilitate this type of 24/7 click-to-chat and phone service. Radialpoint offers them the flexibility of either retraining their existing workforces or providing a trained labor pool from carefully selected BPOs to deliver a stable and reliable customer experience,

The Montreal-based technology company has a dual mission. The first is to “help the everyday consumer enjoy all of the potential of today’s media, hardware, software, entertainment and content.” And in the process, enable large consumer technology brands to realize their share of the revenue potential of what Radialpoint calls “the Connected Home.”

“We’re redefining what the support boundaries are between in-scope and out-of-scope inquiries,” said Jordan Socran, VP of Business Development for Radialpoint. “Companies provide support for their own products, but there has been a proliferation of out-of-scope calls dealing with other core products that consumers use in conjunction with them. Until recently, companies had to decide whether to take these calls at no charge, transfer them elsewhere or advise callers that they were required pay for the service being requested.”

“Now,” he continued, “many of these companies have realized the value of becoming solution providers for the home, either offering premium paid support to users or bundled packages. This allows them to not only deflect costs, but to monetize customer support.”

Radialpoint has agreements in place to help Canada’s largest mobile service provider and a worldwide multimedia company offer premium consumer support programs: Rogers Communications recently announced their Tech Expert service and Virgin Media is now working with Radialpoint for their Digital Home Support program.

Radialpoint takes measures to ensure that the customer experience is consistent. All agents run the same scripts and utilize the same toolkit to solve problems for consumers --whether they are existing in-house staff members retrained by Radialpoint or part of a workforce developed by one of their preferred BPOs. The process is carefully monitored and analytics are employed to determine if any changes need to be made.

“Analytics play a key role,” said Socran. ’We track and capture data to better understand how customers are using the programs. We’re comfortable with our understanding of what the call drivers are. We end each session with a survey to determine customer satisfaction and NPS, then make the results available to our partners.”

While Radialpoint has an extensive history of providing white label in-home and office technical support services, it has been ramping up its association with premium subscription services for the past 24 months. “There is a continued and growing need for these services,” said Socran. “The market for premium technology subscription programs has been estimated at $5 billlion according to Parks & Associates and we anticipate that it will grow by 300% to $15 billion by 2016.”

With a global consumer electronics market estimated at $681 billion in 2010 by Business Insights and 83% of consumers stating that their purchase decision is influenced by support services offered (Research Now), subscription programs are both prominent in the present and the wave of the future.

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