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Roundtable: Best Practices in IVR and Self Service


Presented By: CRMXchange

On Demand Date: April 2014

Presentations by Joe Alwan, VP and GM, AVOKE Analytics at Raytheon BBN Technologies;  Aaron Wellman, Offer Lead, Self-Service, Genesys;  Mike Hennessy, VP Marketing, IntelliResponse; Dena Skrbina, Product Marketing Director for Nuance OnDemand 


As contact centers are tasked with both reducing costs and improving customer service, organizations are seeking self-service solutions that can provide sound business benefits and improve the customer experience. Customers also have a growing desire to self-serve and they expect accurate, consistent and personalized information delivered no matter which channel they use to contact you. An intelligent self-service approach can ensure a consistent and seamless experience across all channels.

Listen as we discuss:

---The top strategy companies are using to evolve their IVR technology

---Why using natural language improves automation and caller experience

---How IVR fits into your company’s multi-channel self-service strategy

---Design a customer experience (CX) first inbound IVR conversation

---The best way to automate routine transactions through your IVR for optimal self-service

---How to personalize the IVR customer experience with CRM integrations

--- How to monetize your self-service interactions in ways you never thought possible
---How you can provide instant answers to self service questions on all your digital channels
Nothing is worse for a brand than an inconsistent customer experience. Whether a business is engaging with their customers via the web, chatter, SMS, mobile, social, or over the phone, it is the seamless inter-play among all channels that create the optimal self-service. Attend this roundtable to hear how interactions can be automated in a way that makes it easy for customers to navigate the service, complete transactions and access information across multiple channels.


About the Speakers:   




Joe Alwan, VP and GM, AVOKE Analytics at Raytheon BBN Technologies  

Based on 30 years of research and practice, companies select AVOKE Analytics to optimize customer effort, revenue & cost efficiency. Joe was previously VP/GM of call center solutions at Empirix, and has 25 years of experience turning technology innovation into practical business solutions.        



angel.awellmanAaron Wellman, Offer Lead, Self-Service, Genesys 

Aaron is an Offer Lead with Genesys focusing on go-to-market strategies for self-service cloud solutions. Aaron is a 12 year veteran at Genesys and led product management for CX Builder, CX Analytics, and Virtual Contact Center product lines. Prior to Genesys, Aaron was a Wall Street technologist, designing UIs for investment banking applications in the cloud. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from James Madison University. 




intelliresponse.hennessey Mike Hennessy, VP Marketing, IntelliResponse 

Mike serves as Vice President, Marketing for IntelliResponse, the industry leader in virtual agent software. He oversees all aspects of IntelliResponse corporate marketing, including demand generation, brand strategy, corporate messaging, advertising, public relations, and partner marketing. 

Previously, Mike was the VP of Marketing and Alliances for Truition, an international retail and manufacturing software provider that was acquired by CDC Software. At Truition, he led corporate re-branding, partner development, lead generation and market entry strategies for North America and Europe. During his years as a Marketing Communications consultant for a number of world class agencies, Mike managed a client base that included Amazon.com, Dell, The Royal Bank of Canada, Hewlett-Packard and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.    


Nuance.Dena_SkrbinaDena Skrbina, Product Marketing Director for Nuance OnDemand 

Dena is obsessive about customer experience and has spent her 25-year career delivering innovative contact center apps for some of the world’s leading companies. For the past several years she’s focused on the value of intelligent, conversational interface for self-service. Today, she’s the Product Marketing Director for Nuance OnDemand, a multi-channel virtual assistant platform that includes mobile, web, and inbound and outbound IVR. 






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