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Technology Innovation Showcase: Build Customer Loyalty with an Interactive Social Media Strategy


 APRIL 2013 SHOWCASE: Build Customer Loyalty with an Interactive Social Media Strategy



Presented by Tony Lama, Global Aspect Social Specialist, Aspect Software 


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 You need to do more than just listen on social media. Consumers now spend more time than ever online.  More than 20% of that time is spent on social media sites. Many companies monitor what’s being said about them, but they don’t respond. Currently, more than 70% of customer questions and complaints on Twitter go unanswered, which is particularly alarming since 88% of consumers say they won’t do business with companies that ignore these complaints.  Until now, there hasn’t been a tool that empowers contact center agents to use their expertise to deliver timely responses to proactively engage customers and help them with their customer service issues.

Turn the monologue into a productive social media dialogue. Aspect Social is designed from the ground up to meet the specialized needs of the contact center. In this Technology Showcase demonstration, you’ll see how this tool can identify and prioritize posts, route the post to the appropriate team with full conversation threading, and after the response, let the agent quickly respond back to the originating social network.  Learn how Aspect Social enables agents to embed available knowledge base content into their responses in order to better satisfy their customers. In this way, companies find they can reduce costs by up to 50% over traditional media. Join us to learn how. 

PRODUCT REVIEW:  Aspect Social Helps Companies Do More Than Just Listen on Social Media 


Aspect.Tony-LamaTony Lama, Global Aspect Social Specialist, Aspect Software
As a seasoned veteran in the contact center industry, Tony Lama serves as Global Aspect Social Evangelist at Aspect Software. He has over 15 years of unified communications and contact center experience with specific expertise in the application of technology to business challenges and processes. Tony has worked with many of Aspect’s notable clients and has successfully led various teams and initiatives throughout his time at Aspect. Tony is a two-time Presidents Club award winner and also a two-time winner of the Aspect Excellence award.


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