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Forrester CXNYC 2015 Review


Presented By: CRMXchange

Delivering the best possible customer experience has become the most important game-changer in today’s hyper-competitive business climate. While customer experience may begin with service interactions, it goes well beyond that. At Forrester’s CXNYC Forum, June 16-17 at the New York Hilton, CX professionals learned first-hand about the latest research in such areas as omni-channel engagement, customer journey mapping, personalization, social media , and data-driven decision making.

Presenters included high-level Forrester analysts and industry-leading speakers from top b-to-b and b-to-c companies from a variety of business sectors. Speakers discussed strategic innovations and customer initiatives now in progress at QVC, Hilton Worldwide, GE Healthcare, Ford Motor Company, Cadillac, Capital One, Panera Bread, Westfield Corporation… there was even a segment on the New York Mets guest experience.

In the Solutions Showcase , special zones were set up to demonstrate the five parts of the forum: Emotion, which included a water walk for charity; Competitive Advantage, where attendees engaged in virtual golf matches; Design, which featured a digital graffiti wall where attendees could create their own urban works of art; Innovation, and Culture. There was also a special Engage Theater with tech demos, partner presentations and speaker consultations.

A number of companies unveiled new solutions, announced new partnerships and released product upgrades.  Below is a recap.

med.july2015Medallia believes they need to evolve beyond their role as a proprietary service provider to accomplish what they hope to do in the coming years. “We’re building out to a broader ecosystem,” said Sam Keninger, Director of Product Marketing for Medallia. “We want to help create corporations that customers actually love. Our impetus is to find like-minded partners and customers to effect change.” Medallia, known as a specialist in customer experience management and voice-of-the-customer applications, recently revealed partnerships with Deloitte Digital and Appirio.  The partnership with Deloitte will help to make customer experience management an integral element of broader business transformation for companies worldwide, and with Appirio to build a customized implementation practice for Medallia’s CEM platform. “These alliances are part of a multi-pronged initiative in several areas,” said Keninger. “They are structured to improve service delivery, enabling better integration, implementation and ongoing management.” 

The company is also focusing on strategy, creating a partnership with Net Promoter Score (NPS) inventor Fred Reicheld and acquiring his HuddelUp software program. Reicheld’s knowledge will help Medallia to build software to improve customer satisfaction and HuddleUp will enable Medallia to capture the voice of every employee and drive more effective team dialogue. The third part of their expanded ecosystem is partnerships with traditional market research companies, such as TNS, IPSOS and LRW. “These companies formerly viewed us as competition,” said Keninger. “Now they realize we complement each other and act as resellers, implementing and supporting our platform for a range of global clients.”

The fourth part of Medallia’s expansion is technology integration to drive innovation. They integrate with a number of application technology partners to extend functionality and offer customers added capabilities For example, Medallia for Salesforce is now available on the Salesforce App Exchange.  It also offers an industry-specific app with TripAdvisor, one of the world’s largest travel sites.  

thunder.july2015Thunderhead.com offers the ONE Engagement Hub, an SaaS solution which simplifies the process of providing superior real-time customer service by capturing insight across all digital channels and making all information available to agents, marketing executives and salespeople.. It enables customer managed journeys, which take organizations beyond static journey mapping, revealing the dynamic nature of diverse customers who make their own individual decisions of the steps and choices they make to get to their end goal. Companies can make sure that the customer’s experience is optimized at each step, with contextual, relevant information that makes it easier to reach their desired conclusion. Personalized content allows companies to design relevant, consistent and timely customer interactions across all touch points. The solution’s Bridge and Extend design allows it to be layered over existing systems, so businesses don’t need to undertake expensive and risky system replacements.


pn.july2015PossibleNOW demonstrated MyPreferences, a cloud-based application which empowers companies to personalize marketing across channels by giving customers the ability to easily specify preferences such as products of interest and how and why they wish to receive information. It acts as a central repository while integrating easily into existing applications such as CRMs. Scott Frey, CEO of PossibleNOW, cites a recent Oracle survey which revealed that while 97% of company executives consider customer experience a top priority and 93% said they have made it a priority, only 40% of those surveyed have customer initiatives in place and only 20% consider these efforts to be sophisticated.  “Preference management applications would enable companies to rise above the siloed systems and fragmented data they consider to be obstacles” he noted. “One key to driving genuine customer engagement is letting customers share ownership of the conversation, based on their interests and preferences. To achieve this goal, companies must consolidate the collection, management and reporting of consumer data into a central system, which must be integrated with databases, CRM systems and third-party vendors to allow them to improve results, build revenue and increase customer loyalty.” 

qualtrics.july2015Qualtrics Vocalize paired with integrated text analytics makes it simple to hone in on what individual consumers are saying and then widen the focus to spot overall trends in data.  It enables companies to pinpoint actionable insights via built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms which then organize, group and tag responses automatically. Topic analysis also allows automatic tagging and categorization of response, making it simpler to see how topics are trending over time and score. Vocalize incorporates multi-channel, multi-source data collection, dynamic case management and flexible dashboards to capture the voice of the customer. Qualtrics survey solutions are used by enterprise leaders in just about every industry, including travel, healthcare financial, consumer goods, automotive and more.  

sdl.july2015SDL showed their Customer Experience Cloud, which gives organizations the capability to globally deliver seamless, data driven experiences to customers all along their journey, across all channels, all devices and most languages. Companies can leverage a single, integrated solution to manage brands, websites and languages while engaging customers in the moment by driving more meaningful interactions. Customer journey analytics helps businesses understand what customers and prospects really care about, as well as the attitudes and drivers behind their actions. SDL is also known for their language solutions, which bring together translation solutions and language technologies to power enterprise globalization strategies.