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HireIQ Executive Interview

Joe Gruca, CEO, HireIQ, HireIQ

1. Please explain some of the major hiring issues that your solution, InterviewIQ, addresses in the hiring process.
A telephone interview, often the first step in the call center agent hiring process, is frequently a laborious and time consuming process. Recruiters spend good portions of their day trying to reach applicants in order to conduct this initial telephone screen. They often make multiple attempts and even then aren’t always successful in reaching a candidate. Once they finally reach a candidate, the phone interview might take 20 minutes or more. This process significantly constrains the number and quality of candidates that the recruiting team can evaluate and hire.
Consider also that many high-quality candidates may already be working in another call center job. It is difficult to reach these candidates during a recruiter’s normal working day, which means the hiring company may be missing out on some of the better candidates.
InterviewIQ is media rich, text and voice response virtual interviewing solution that allows companies to reach many more candidates that traditional telephone interviewing methods. These interviews are recorded and cataloged for recruiters to review and evaluate at their convenience. InterviewIQ is a hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is always on, meaning that candidates can participate in an interview when their schedule allows.

2. What benefits does it provide?
One of the most difficult jobs in any customer service organization has to be that of recruiter or the person responsible for talent acquisition. In most cases it is incredibly challenging task for them to be able to keep every seat filled in order to effectively support their Operations counterparts. So, among other things, InterviewIQ enables highly qualified candidates that might not otherwise be available to now be considered in the hiring pool. Candidates that may not be available when the recruiting team is working can effectively be included in the hiring process by completing their interviews at a time of their convenience. In fact, one client discovered that nearly 40% of the candidates that were advanced to later stages of its interview process completed their interviews during traditional non-working hours.We refer to this as “casting a wider net.”
Reviewing, evaluating and scoring a candidate interview using InterviewIQ can take as little as 5 minutes. Therefore, recruiters can effectively interview more candidates enabling them to choose the highest-quality applicants while freeing-up more time for higher value activities such as on-boarding and training. With InterviewIQ, the recruiting team can greatly increase the value it provides to the organization.
Furthermore, recruiters can review, evaluate and score candidate interviews ensuring consistency across the recruiting team. It’s very analogous to the notion of calibration in the quality monitoring world – by using InterviewIQ, companies can calibrate the recruiting team. Since every interview is recorded, they can be shared across recruiters as well as the supervisors and managers on the call center floor.

3. Is there a difference in the hiring process for internal agents as compared with home agents? If so, what are they?
The early stages of the process are fairly consistent between hiring internal agents and home agents. Frequently, internal agents may be invited to participate in an in-person interview, which may not be practical for home agents. In fact, some home agents may be hired exclusively based on their performance in an InterviewIQ interview as is the case with one of our largest customers. While the process may not differ much, InterviewIQ makes it much easier for a company to add qualified home agents to its workforce. All a company needs to do is post a link to the InterviewIQ interview on its website or job board and the home agent can complete it at their convenience.

4. Do you provide different solutions for sales agents and customer service agents?
Our customers have complete control over the questions that are asked in an interview. Therefore, the interview can be highly tailored to the specific needs of the position.

The typical InterviewIQ interview normallyconsists of some number, usually 5-7, text-response questions that may be used to ascertain a candidate’s basic qualifications. After successfully completing this portion, the candidate is then presented with some number, again normally 5-7, voice response questions where they use their telephone to provide their responses. These voice response questions can range from a simple “question and answer” format to a more in-depth “respond as if you were speaking to a customer” call center scenario. This last feature in particular is very popular with many of our clients as it allows them to see how a candidate may perform in a real life situation once they were hired.

5. There are several hiring software solutions on the market today. How does your solution differ from some of the others?
The two most common words we hear from customers to describe our solution are “configurable” and “flexibility”. Since all questions are configurable, InterviewIQ enables the hiring company to ask the questions that are most relevant to the needs of that company. Many of these other hiring solutions rely on a set of fixed questions that are intended to uncover a candidate’s behavioral or personality style. The hiring company cannot typically change these questions.

6. How do you test for email and web chat skills?
The text-response component of the InterviewIQ interview is perfect for assessing email and web chat skills. Several current customers create customer interaction scenarios that candidates are expected to respond to.

7. Can you cite some examples of the ROI that your solution has provided to your clients?
Clients have reported several benefits from InterviewIQ including:

  • Significant reduction in the time it takes to conduct a telephone interview, from approximately 25 minutes per candidate to 5 minutes
  • Over 5 times more candidates reviewed and evaluated per day
  • Reduced early-stage (the critical 90-day post-hire period) turnover
  • Improved operational performance – higher QM scores, better schedule adherence,
  • increased average sales volume

We are actively working with a number of current clients to quantify some of these benefits and expect to produce case studies early in 2012 documenting these benefits.

8. Who creates the content for your solution?
Each customer has access to HireIQ’s question library of frequently asked interview questions to help get them started. These are organized by job position and behavior for convenience. However, most of our customers prefer to create all of their own questions. Many have gotten very creative – creating questions that assess grammar, math and critical thinking skills, for example.

9. Can your software be used beyond the contact center, i.e. “outside” sales people, back office personnel?
Absolutely! A major airline uses InterviewIQ for all of its customer-facing positions including baggage handlers, flight attendants, gate and ticket agents as well as its contact center staff. A trucking and logistics client uses InterviewIQ for its contract drivers. A major multi-national bank is using InterviewIQ for its bank tellers, branch sales representatives and call center associates. There’s no practical or functional limitation that would preclude using InterviewIQ anywhere in the enterprise.

10. What sort of ROI do companies experience when using your solution?
Generally, our clients realize a 3-4 month ROI. Another way to look at ROI is to measure the onboarding cost savings that can be attributed to lower turnover, a key factor in call center hiring. Assuming the generally accepted onboarding cost factor of about $4,500 per agent, an investment in InterviewIQ will pay for itself with only 4 or 5 fewer hires per year. This is dependent, of course, on size of the operation and measured turnover rate.

InterviewIQ is provided as an annual subscription, which is inclusive of set-up, implementation and licenses. HireIQ also offers a no-charge, no-risk, no-obligation 30-day trial. Clients can be conducting their first interviews typically within 30 minutes of registering for a trial or contracting with HireIQ.

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