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LivePerson Executive Interview

Lawrence Solis, Executive Interview, LivePerson, LivePerson

1. How do you see web chat changing in the future?  


We envision web chat evolving to become just one channel in a multi-channel journey that the end-customer will use to engage online.

Online engagement can span from simply assessing products and services to resolving issues and converting customers. By combining chat with voice, video and other tools, we are enabling and facilitating a better overall experience, which leads to a greater level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Businesses with a significant online presence that do not leverage these tools will increasingly find themselves behind the curve.


2. Please discuss how web analytics can help drive proactive chat     


Because web analytics can infer a lot of intent, the data is able to provide businesses with important behavioral information including time on a page, items browsed and bought, and which pages were most appealing. For example, if the customer spends a lot of time on the product comparison feature, they are likely a serious purchaser.  

3. What is the best way for a company to use chat through multiple channels?  

LivePerson’s mission is to deploy chat wherever and whenever consumers interact with a brand, as part of an ultimate goal to establish the most meaningful connection possible. Because these interactions are increasingly happening through social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), it is possible to deploy chat through social and mobile channels (mobile sites).

The mobile experience is integrated, seamless and consistent, providing the customer with a chat experience that maintains the same quality as on the business’ webpage. This does not necessarily mean the experience is the same, however. Mobile interaction does have implications for how mobile chat is deployed. For example, agents must ask shorter questions so customers aren't forced to type long answers on their mobile devices.

4. Please describe LP Insights and how it can assist an agent in productivity and effectiveness.  

LP Insights is a text and data mining technology, which transforms conversational streams into actionable intelligence. Using LP Insights, LivePerson customers are able to identify patterns and relevant associations between large volumes of structured and unstructured data. This data can then be used as the cornerstone of a "Voice of the Customer" program.

Additionally, because LP Insights analyzes both consumer and agent dialogue, it can also be used to drive agent optimization efforts. After isolating the agent side of the conversation in a body of documents, LP Insights can be used to identify common patterns in agent dialogue, which directly correlate to underperforming situations. Examples include non-conversion sales interactions, poorly scored satisfaction from customer surveys and inability to resolve a customer’s question. These interactions can then be tied back to the agent, enabling companies to quickly take corrective action on representatives who need the necessary coaching to improve their performance.

5. How does LP Insights differ from web analytics? What can an organization learn from LP Insights?  

LP Insights is similar to web analytics in that it can capture, accumulate and report on consumer monitored variables on business websites, including website clicks, time on a page, monitored events, conversion/non-conversion events and URLs used when chat engagements take place.

Where LP Insights differs from web analytics is that it is able to assign and deliver data correlations between these aforementioned web site variables and consumer conversations that occur within the same web session. Using advanced natural language processing technology on the unstructured (conversational) data that comes from chat transcripts, LP Insights customers are able to identify everything from problematic areas on their website that need immediate attention or reasons why consumers are abandoning their shopping cart visits without completing their online purchases. This ultimately provides higher self-service conversion rates.

6. Please explain how LivePerson integrates seamlessly with a CRM solution.  

LivePerson can integrate with CRM systems through the use of our data services, including transcript export that makes our entire transcript and survey information available as XML. Additionally, LivePerson can be integrated within CRM applications through the use of our APIs. For example, a LivePerson agent chat can be embedded within CRM applications like

7. How do you differentiate your product from those of your competitors?  

LivePerson has more than 15 years of experience in our industry, making us the global leader in online chat. We currently have 8,500 customers and facilitate 17 million chat engagements per month. We have worked with marquee clients across multiple verticals (such as eight of the top 10 US retail banks) and we have strong domain expertise across financial services, telecommunications, consumer/retail and high tech industries. We invest heavily to ensure the ultimate security and stability for our clients and provide an unmatched level of customer support.

Every client, from the smallest business to the largest enterprise, has a dedicated success or program manager. We understand that the tech solution is just one piece of the equation and that the people and processes are equally important to a client's success. To that end, we provide in-depth training to our customers' agents, and we regularly consult and guide our clients on best practices and how to optimize their programs most effectively.

Finally, LivePerson is focused on driving business value through our sales process. Overall business value is based on delivering objective, measurable ROI to the customer, depending on their unique goals.

8. Please tell us your most interesting use of your application.  

We have been working with Citibank on a social media application of LP Chat, which was launched by Citibank to improve its “social customer service”. The @AskCiti - LP Chat integration enables a customer service agent to chat directly with a Citi customer who has tweeted a question or concern. The Citi agent tweets a “click-to-chat” link to the customer, and once the link is clicked, an authentication page appears, prompting the customer to enter their online banking credentials. Once authenticated, the customer is then connected directly to the same agent that replied to his/her original tweet.

Citibank has received positive feedback from their customers for paying attention to their needs and attempting to resolve the issues in the quickest, and most effective manner. 

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