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Capturing Voice of the Customer

 Presented By: Uptivity

A New Role for Customer Surveys, Speech Analytics and Quality Management in Your Contact Center

Traditional quality assurance (QA) has been a cornerstone of contact center operations for more than 30 years. While this process has been effective to this point, a hyper-competitive environment has raised the bar on the level of service that must be provided, and QA alone is no longer enough. Advancements in technology have enabled organizations to more accurately capture voice of the customer (VoC) by combining QA, customer satisfaction data and speech analytics. New insight into how customers judge individual agent performance and whether the service experience meets expectations is now possible.

• Shortcomings of the Traditional QA Process
• Challenges When Measuring Soft Skills
• Using VoC to Align Internal Goals with Customer Expectations
• Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Post-Call Surveys
• Evaluating Soft Skills Using Customer Feedback
• Speech Analytics
• Driving Out Subjectivity and Aligning Goals


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