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Improve Your Customer Experience - Design Your Quality Program to Link Directly to Customer Satisfaction

 Presented By: COPC Inc.

Do you have quality scores in the 90s, but customer satisfaction (CSAT) or issue resolution results in the 60s or 70s? Many of us in the customer contact industry have experienced this and wondered why there is such a disconnect between quality results and what customers are telling us about their actual experience.

COPC Inc. provides performance improvement consulting services for customer contact operations throughout the world, and we have found that most quality programs are not designed to drive improvements that directly impact the customer experience or provide an accurate measure of performance. This fundamental problem prevents you from getting the best use of your quality program and reduces your return on investment (ROI) in terms of performance.

This white paper offers seven fundamental changes that have been proven to transform your quality program to have a direct and substantial impact on the customer experience, while at the same time provide valuable customer insights to your company. By implementing these changes, your quality program will become a stronger and more strategic asset to both your contact center and your company.



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