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Optimizing Call Center Key Performance Indicators to Optimize Customer Experience

 Presented By: Empirix

The primary goals of a call center are to achieve the company's sales objectives by effectively meeting and anticipating customer requirements, as well as to improve customer satisfaction and retention in order to ensure business success. The operational performance of a call center must be effective in order to enable these business goals to be achieved. Performance is commonly assessed using industry-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which address both agents and technology. Each KPI measures one call center aspect that directly contributes to the quality of a customer's experience.

In order to diagnose problems that negatively impact call center technology KPIs, and hence customer experience, organizations must invest in an effective network testing solution. This paper highlights just a few of the ways in which such solutions have enabled global brands to enhance their quality of customer experience by materially improving their call center KPIs.



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