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What Has Your Quality Monitoring Program Done for You Lately


Presented By: Aspect

How do you translate voice recordings into real-time business intelligence? While most contact centers actively record customer interactions, this data is useless until it has been analyzed – a process that can be time-intensive, inefficient and overwhelming. At best, most supervisors have the capacity to analyze only a fraction of actual data collected.

Do more with the data you have.

Aspect Advanced Quality Analysis unites top analytics technology with performance management tools and dashboards for maximum insight, leading to better performance, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Improve business processes. Use knowledge gained from customer interaction data to decrease call transfers, augment self-service and improve first call resolution rate
Monitor compliance. Improve agent's adherence to established protocols, decrease liability risks and supply agents with real-time access to policies and expectations.
Improve agent performance. Conduct targeted assessments and provide meaningful feedback, fix inefficient processes and decrease call handle time.
Increase market intelligence. Ensure your agents have relevant product/service information, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and analyze mentions of competitors.

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Read the white paper What Has Your Quality Monitoring Program Done for You Lately? You'll discover best practices for creating an environment of continuous improvement through quality management, advanced analytics and performance management.