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Do you know the true cost of IVR migration?

 Presented By: Voxeo

Your IVR lacks the functionality you need, its' expensive to maintain and applicatins are difficult to update.

But what can you do about it?

IVR is all about delivering a great customer experience through self-service, yet your customers continue to press zero for an agent. Each time frustrated customers zero out, your expenses go up and your profitability goes down.

If this example of a bad IVR feels all too familiar, you need to read our whitepaper right now.

Sure, there is a cost to migrate, but when you consider the expense involved in maintaining your dated IVR, missed opportunities to delight your customers, plus the skyrocketing cost of agent calls, it’s clear to see why migrating is more than a nice-to-have - it’s a necessity.

Can you afford to migrate to a standards-based solution?

Can you afford not to?

Read Voxeo’s whitepaper to understand the hard costs - and the opportunity costs - of doing nothing.



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