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'Slow and Smart' Growth Brings TCN to the Forefront of Cloud Contact Center Providers


Presented By: TCN

Business success stories in the contact center space are often about breakthough solutions and meteoric rises. It’s refreshing to hear of an organization that embraced a technology early, remained steadfast in their belief even when the marketplace did not react immediately and achieved success through their perseverance and ability to adapt to change.

Terrel Bird, co-founder and CEO of Utah-based cloud contact center provider TCN, began to research VoIP technology in 1997. He almost immediately realized that Voice over Internet Protocol would evolve over time and become the preferred method of placing and transmitting calls in the contact center environment. “At the time, it was being debated if it could ever be widely used,’ he said. “Now, it’s recognized as the standard.” Like so many other visionaries, he saw a market need on the distant horizon, disregarded the naysayers and moved forward.

When he helped launch TCN in 1999, neither VoIP nor cloud-hosted contact center technology was an easy sell. But the firm made a commitment to developing a deep understanding of the needs of call centers of all sizes and types…from enterprise organizations to BPOs and collection agencies. TCN built its business by tailoring their offerings to the specific customer service demands of clients in a variety of verticals, including media, healthcare, automotive and marketing.

“We take a consultative approach to fulfilling the needs of our customers,” said Bird. “Our strength is in providing a template-driven product that enables companies to rapidly adapt to change. TCN Platform 3 offers a highly affordable delivery model, which ensures immediate access to a predictive dialer, IVR, call recording, and business analytics. Ours is an intuitive technology that many of customers tell us feels like it was built with their business in mind. Our customer service group is highly proactive, both in determining what their clients consider most important and then in training their managers in how to use the technology most effectively. These leaders are usually able to learn what’s necessary within an hour or two and pass on their skills to their staff. Our people follow up to train clients to use the many new features that become available with the regular software updates that are instantly available.”

TCN also helps organizations make the transition from legacy equipment to the cloud. “Many companies are still operating under existing contracts,” said Bird. “While they know their equipment needs to be updated or even replaced, they’re not always ready to make a complete change. We can adjust how our solution is implemented with these clients based on their needs.  The ease of use we provide enables companies to move forward while maximizing available resources and ROI, all without massive capital outlay or adding new staff.”

TCN’s cloud contact center integrates with many widely used CRMs. “Our CRM partners find it very easy to work with us,” said Bird. He sees the key goals of most companies to be managing the process of coming off of hardware while achieving cost reductions, improving agent connectivity and improving overall performance. This is where TCN’s VoIP expertise proves valuable. “We work with 15 different providers so companies can route calls and know that their outgoing calls can be completed even if there’s a problem with any one specific system", stated Bird.

TCN is also an excellent resource for companies concerned with meeting TCPA regulations and other compliance issues. “We review our compliance tools on a regular basis,” said Bird. “Our attorneys tell us that they are among the best on the market.” These include manual dialing, IP lockdown, cell phone scrubs, and free call recording to ensure compliance requirements are being met. In addition, TCN offers tools to comply with rules in individual states.

“We’re blessed with having exceptional people on our staff which gives us the capability to roll out new features on a regular basis and help our clients make adjustments,” said Bird. While he’s proud to say the TCN’s growth has been “slow and steady,” he also revealed that it had accelerated recently. “Over the past year, the market has been more readily buying into the advantages of moving to the cloud,” he noted. “We’re projecting sales growth of 75% in 2014.”