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Salesforce Offers a Competitive Edge for Small Businesses with Next Generation Desk.com

Salesforce Desk.com

Presented By: Salesforce Desk.com

If you run a small business, this can either be the best of times or the worst of times. Today’s challenges may be greater than ever. Larger companies with wider recognition, broader sales reach and more pricing flexibility are now using their expanded digital capabilities to compete for customers in markets once left exclusively to smaller companies, According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years.

But the bright side is that upstart firms now have an unprecedented opportunity to level the playing field by consistently providing superior customer service. According to an American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, more than 70% of customers surveyed believe small businesses understand their customers better than large companies, know their business/product better, provide a more personal customer service experience and are more concerned about their needs.

Salesforce.com has just released the solution they believe holds the key to the future of customer service for companies on a growth track. The next generation of Desk.com is packed with tools that empower small businesses to drive advanced customer service initiatives, including a new intelligent agent console, a cutting-edge mobile app and an intuitive reporting engine. It’s an all-in-one customer support app that makes it possible to deliver exceptional support -- anyplace, anytime --across all channels, including phone, email, web and social media.

“Customers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter now expect to be able to communicate with companies on a 24/7 basis,” said Hana Mandapat, Senior Marketing Manager for Desk.com. “Since most small businesses operate on a limited budget, delivering non-stop service has often been a problem. Until recently, they’ve had to rely on legacy support solutions which require extensive in-house IT involvement, use external niche IT services that just can’t cut it, or spend a lot of time implementing limited solutions that can’t be scaled up to keep up with their growth.”

In small organizations where customer service may be a part-time job for many people, applications must require little or no training to enable employees to quickly solve issues. Next generation Desk.com allows businesses to swiftly proceed from deployment to delivering service with an average set up time ranging from hours to days. Rules, workflows and templates enable even the smallest companies to project a professional presence in their dealings with customers.

The solution’s new intelligent agent console can be personalized by individual users or agents. ”It’s completely customizable,” said Mandapat. “Agents can adjust to present cases in their inbox in a matter of a few clicks. Labels and filters help users prioritize their workday. We believe that cases can now be closed up to three times faster.”

The updated Desk.com also helps small businesses provide more agile service. It incorporates a new mobile app which makes it faster and easier to perform support tasks such as adding notes, updating statuses and assigning cases. Everyone from agents to company executives can quickly collaborate and resolve cases from their iPhone or iPad, providing true end-to-end case management. (Android service will be available in the fall.) “In one company that specializes in online surveys and feedback, everyone is now using Desk.com,” said Mandapat. “Whether the CEO or head of support is on the road or the CTO is standing on a line to get coffee, they can get feedback response to their customers in 15 minutes, which is a true service differentiator”

The updated solution’s enhanced reporting engine provides detailed metrics and offers an in-depth look at every facet of customer service performance. These out-of-the-box reporting tools are built for speed and productivity to give growing companies a better understanding of how to resolve customers’ problems. Managers can identify real-time trends to fuel decision making and product innovation. This capability was translated into action at Barkbox, an online company that sends out monthly packages of special dog treats and toys. “They were able to quickly identify a trend that owners of service dogs didn’t want to receive toys that looked like animals because it might cause aggressive behavior,” said Mandapat. “Armed with this intelligence, Barkbox was able to make the necessary adjustments to avert a major problem.”

Desk.com’s flexible pricing makes it possible for companies to scale up and add more agents during busy periods and go back down to a smaller group during less hectic times. The next generation of the solution also increases APIs by a factor of ten and Salesforce.com’s WOW Team offers support to help Desk.com customers to help build integrations.