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Genesys Alliance with Zendesk Provides Improved Customer Experience and Offers Expansion Opportunities


Presented By: Genesys

Most working relationships between companies are undertaken to benefit both organizations, but there are few where the immediate synergies are as evident as in the alliance announced by customer experience and contact center solutions provider Genesys and customer support specialist Zendesk. By integrating the Genesys cloud contact center solution with the Zendesk customer service platform, Zendesk’s growing roster of customers will enjoy more intuitive self-service options and be routed to the best-skilled Zendesk agent in calls requiring personal assistance, eliminating transfers and improving the overall customer experience. In turn, Genesys will be increasing efficiency for the numerous clients shared by the two suppliers while substantially expanding its reach.

“It’s a true win-win scenario,” said Reed Henry, Chief Marketing Officer for Genesys. “This relationship enables our two organizations to offer customer service leaders a powerful new cloud-based customer experience solution. In the midst of their remarkable growth, Zendesk saw the need for a more robust voice channel to provide faster, more responsive service to their client base. While both of our companies can now take advantage of greater worldwide opportunities, we also see major expansion possibilities in helping to deliver enhanced service to Zendesk’s 40,000 customers.”

The development relationship encompasses all three of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform editions. The initial deep integration to the Genesys Premier Edition for small to mid-sized companies of up to 250 seats allows customers to quickly deploy and manage a contact center or help desk in the cloud. “It’s a native integration,” said Henry. “The agent experience has the look and feel of Zendesk but the voice channel will have Genesys’ capability for effortless customer engagement. It provides greater agility and more cost-effective operation for everything from businesses with informal contact centers of 15 people or less to midsized companies.” Zendesk integration is also planned with Genesys Business Edition, serving organizations of up to 1000 seats and Genesys Enterprise Edition which offers unlimited capacity. “One company I know of is in the midst of scaling up to 700 agents from their current 300,” said Henry. “With the integration, they’ll be able to manage the system.”

The alliance also includes a variety of joint promotions, marketing and sales initiatives. Zendesk will participate as a Gold Sponsor of Genesys G-Force User Conferences across the world. Genesys will take part in the upcoming Zen U roadshow events in North America, Europe and Asia to promote the new, integrated Genesys Zendesk solutions.

"In the contact center environment, nothing is more important than customer relationships,” said Bill Macaitis, Zendesk’s Chief Marketing Officer, “Zendesk offers a customer service platform that brings companies and their customers closer together. Working in harmony with Genesys, we’re now able to deliver advanced voice capabilities for organizations of all sizes that enable them to focus on helping customers, as opposed to integrating technology.”

The integrated solution is currently available in North America, as well as the UK and Ireland, with additional global integrations to come.