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Intelliverse’s IntelliConnection Helps Move Sales Results into the Fast Lane


Presented By: Intelliverse

Salespeople are still judged by the results they produce and companies still live or die based on sales outcomes. But the sales process has become much more complex in most business-to-business environments. Sophisticated lead generation programs deliver volume leads, a variety of marketing automation programs present campaign messaging via email and social channels, while prospect activity is annotated on CRM systems. While many organizations can track metrics such as what percentage of calls result in appointments and closing rates, most still often have little to no idea why some sales people who make the same amount of calls are more effective than others.

Intelliverse, a company previously known for its open systems connection telephony, IP telephony and cloud-based IVR, is now focused on easy-to-use and quick-to-implement solutions to help businesses become more successful by improving the quantity and quality of customer interactions. Its signature product in that arena is IntelliConnection, a sales acceleration solution which leverages Intelliverse's extensive voice infrastructure and is enhanced by an intuitive customer portal that helps solve the business problem of bringing more qualified leads into a sales team.

“IntelliConnection uses real-time data analytics to guide salespeople to having the right conversation with the right contact at the right time. It provides faster response to inbound lead generation and marketing automation workflows with full IVR and ACD call routing capabilities.” said Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse. “IntelliConnection also makes a major difference in the accuracy of CRM data. When salespeople have to update the CRM every week, many of them wait to put everything in until Friday afternoon and much of the information is lost.” The solution automatically logs dials, conversations and follow-ups in any CRM, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others.

“Today’s prospects are more sophisticated. Twenty five percent have already researched a product, talked to peers, or read reviews on social media before making contact,” said Gordon. ”The difference between IntelliConnection and a power dialer is analogous to the difference between a rotary phone and an Apple iPod. A power dialer can’t tell you how to take the right approach, engage with the right people or drive the right behavior.”

“Our solution was designed for salespeople by salespeople,” he continued. “Since research has shown that potential customers are 60% more likely to accept a call that looks like it was dialed from their own area code, we included a Dynamic Local Presence feature that provides that capability.” IntelliConnection also incorporates gamification which encourages self-motivation with dashboards and sales leaderboards visible to the entire team.

Results have been impressive. One $5 billion company using IntelliConnection for three months reported an average increase in weekly dials per representative of 55%, 20% growth in contacts converted to sales appointments and an increase in sales pipeline from $2.2 million to $15.2 million. “One rep told us that she made five C-level appointments in one day,” said Gordon.

Intelliverse also announced a strategic alliance with sales productivity solution provider SAVO to further enhance sales activities and provide the technology to enable greater effectiveness and efficiency. “We saw it as a logical progression,” said Gordon. “SAVO’s CRM Opportunity Pro complements our sales acceleration software by processing the CRM data and automating the stages of the sales process. It provides an understanding of the relationship with each prospective customer - including their interests and past interactions. “The joint solution delivers the relevant and situational sales resources needed, making it easier to contact the right person and have the best conversation possible.