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Roundtable: Best Practices - IVR and Self-Service Solutions

 Presented By: CRMXchange

 Presented By: CRMXchange; Featuring Angel, Aspect, Creative Virtual,  IntelliResponse 

On Demand Date: April 2013 


As contact centers are tasked with both reducing costs and improving service, organizations are seeking self-service solutions that provide sound business benefits and improve the customer experience. Customers also have a growing desire to self-serve and they expect accurate, consistent and personalized information delivered no matter which channel they use to contact you. An intelligent self-service approach can ensure a consistent and seamless experience across all channels. 

While the phone  is often the first line of communication, some customers no longer want to call and today’s organizations need to leverage technology and data to meet the needs of their customers.Delivering an exceptional customer experience should include intelligent self-service and automation so that your customers can easily complete transactions and solve problems while saving your business time and money


In this roundtable you learn: 


--  How you can maximize your IVR investment with self-service technologies that will drive customer loyalty and satisfaction for years to come.

-- How intelligent customer self-service solutions can drive more value into each interaction thereby enhancing customer’s experience and delivering real return on investment
--  If newer self-service technologies are making the IVR obsolete

-- How to integrate IVR and self-service technology to provide world class, right channeled customer service

-- How virtual assistants provide an optimal customer experience tool to increases customer engagement while reducing customer support, both over multiple channels and in integration with IVR

Listen to this roundtable to hear how interactions can be automated in a way that makes it easy for customers to navigate the service, complete transactions and access information across multiple channels.



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