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Using Speech Analytics to Improve Contact Center Quality Measurement

 Presented By: UTOPY

Does your current QM program monitor a large enough proportion of conversations to provide information that is sufficiently statistically reliable so that you can trust it to make key business decisions? When you evaluate Agent performance, is the criteria used objective enough to make you confident that everyone evaluates performance in exactly the same way? Most traditional QM programs have these challenges.

Mike Miller, VP of Customer Strategy at UTOPY, explains how these challenges can be resolved using Speech Analytics in the White Paper, “Using Speech Analytics to Improve Contact Center Quality Measurement”. The White Paper also explains how:

• Speech Analytics can be used to define the Agent skills that a company wants to measure, improving the objectivity of results

• Speech Analytics can automatically measure Agent performance in ways not possible with traditional methods

• Speech Analytics can identify revenue opportunities missed by traditional quality methods

• Speech Analytics was used by two different companies in two different industries to improve the precision of quality assessment


In addition, UTOPY and Customer Inter@ction Solutions Magazine hosted a Webinar on the same topic. When you watch the webinar you will learn how Speech Analytics can automate the Agent evaluation process, enabling every call by every Agent to automatically be evaluated, while simultaneously improving the objectivity of measurement. Reading the White Paper and viewing the Webinar will help you to get a full understanding of the shortcomings of the traditional quality measurement process, and how the process can be revolutionized by using Speech Analytics.


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