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5 Ways to Deliver Brag-Worthy Customer Service in Your Contact Center

 Presented By: inContact

Presented By: Jennifer Waite, Product Marketing Manager,  inContact 

On Demand Date: May 2012 


When customers are unhappy about customer service, more and more of them are turning to sites like Twitter and Facebook to make those complaints public. A misstep from a contact center agent can suddenly become an incident that is shared with hundreds, if not thousands of current and prospective customers. In this environment, your company must continually go above and beyond to provide the type of service that is truly brag-worthy. In this webinar, learn how you can deliver brand-building customer service that actually stands out from the norm.

Listen to this webcast to learn:

• How you can leverage your technology to connect with customers in the channel and at the time they want
• How your organization can keep taking calls when disaster strikes, even when all those around you have gone dark
• Some of the top customer service topics on social media and how you can generate positive buzz for your company
• Tools that let your agents deliver customer service that matters with maximum efficiency and effectiveness

About the Presenter 

incontact.jenniferWaiteIn her role as Product Marketing Manager for inContact, Jennifer Waite is responsible for the development and marketing of inContact’s cloud-based contact center solutions. Prior to joining inContact, Jen held the position of Vice President of Product Support and Design Services at TPG TeleManagement, Inc., a leading marketing firm supporting call center programs for Fortune 500 companies. While at TPG TeleManagement, Jen led the creative design for all client monitoring forms, custom reporting and the team of support specialists for all online technology. 



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