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Forecasting, Planning, and Decision-Making in an Era of Significant Uncertainty

 Presented By: Interactive Intelligence® Makers of Bay Bridge Decisions™

Contact center planning becomes much more important in the face of uncertainty
Ric Kosiba, VP, Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence


The contact center industry has a long history of successfully quantifying and predicting change. In past years, while specific industries might have suddenly found themselves undergoing a sudden and unexpected transformation, the contact center has, as a rule, always been able to monitor, measure, and react to business change in a very analytically sound manner, through the contact volume forecasting and capacity planning exercise. Until this year.


This year has been a year of change; of random, unpredictable changes. Numerous forecasters have been flummoxed- history is no longer a guide- and the standard planning approach is no longer keeping pace with today’s changing reality. In this white paper we discuss new methods for forecasting and planning in a time of significant business change and uncertainty. Sign in to download now.

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