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Atlanta Journal Constitution Increasing Sales and Productivity with a Unified Solution from Aspect


Presented By: Aspect


  • The Problem:
    Although the paper has seen extensive sales growth over the years, the AJC has to comply with
    stringent Do Not Call regulations, which has impacted the company’s sales initiatives because
    approximately 90 percent of the contact center’s outbound calls are cold calls to prospects.

  • Solution:
    Following strong recommendations and its own past experiences with an early version of Aspect®
    Conversations™ Predictive Dialer, the newspaper purchased 110 seats of Aspect Unified IP in its contact

  • Result:
    The AJC is seeing a significant improvement in the contact center’s productivity. With answering
    machine detection (AMD) accuracy of up to 95 percent, Aspect® Unified IP™ allows agents to reach
    customers and prospects more effectively. As a result, agents are more adequately prepared to sell
    because they know when a call is connected, they will be talking to a person and not a machine.

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