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2018 - Improving Contact Center Performance by Planning Ahead

 Presented By: Genesys

The most often overlooked aspect of managing the contact center’s operation and workforce is contact center planning. 

Don't confuse contact center planning with workforce management; which focuses its analyses on near term staff plans and schedules, long term planning, or capacity planning focus on managing staffing through seasonal peaks and valleys. The benefits to improving the analytics and models driving capacity plans are huge.  Spreadsheets are usually slow and error prone, simplifications are usually required, and accuracy is usually missing.  Improving a contact center plan always leads to more consistent service delivery at lower cost.  

Join us as we discuss all aspects of developing great contact center strategic plans, from forecasting to budgeting.  
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April 17th Capacity Planning Overview
June 19th Diving into Data and Forecasting
August 7th Improving Capacity Planning - Models are Important!
September 11th         Great Contact Center What-if Analyses