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Balance Redefined: AI-Powered Efficiency, Human-Centric Connection


Megan Elswood

Balance Redefined: AI-Powered Efficiency, Human-Centric Connection

In an era where AI is revolutionizing base-level service operations, it's crucial to redefine the future role of human agents. As we step into a world of innovative, efficient, and scalable solutions, the key to success lies in harmonizing technology with the irreplaceable human touch. Only those who master this balance will drive unparalleled efficiency, elevate their CX departments, and surpass customer expectations by 2025. 

As we stand on the brink of a customer service revolution, one burning questionemerges: Will your organization lead the charge or be left behind? 
Discover how industry leaders are redefining the role of human agents in an AI-driven world.  

Deep dive into four key themes: 

  • Augment agents for an AI world: Develop, empower, and retain service agents by equipping them with the critical skills, tools, and strategies needed to adapt to evolving service roles. Find the right balance between automation, outsourcing, and in-house agents to deliver bespoke and personalized experiences.

  • Integrate AI for profound impact: Seamlessly integrate AI and other new technologies into your existing tech stack to minimize disruption and enhance your ecosystem. Define precise metrics to evaluate the efficiency of AI, ensuring that the adopted solutions are scalable, versatile, and tailored to meet your business's unique needs.

  • Breakdown silos for a unified customer experience: Enhance collaboration across departments to leverage collective data and insights, ensuring a proactive, personalized journey. Harness an integrated approach to ensure consistency and effectiveness throughout all service interactions, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Demonstrate ROI to secure executive support: Connect CX strategies with wider business objectives to secure leadership buy-in and reaffirm your value. Prioritize CX projects impact and align with your company's key success metrics, keeping customer service at the forefront of business planning. 

Hear from global industry leaders leading the CX charge in 2025 

  • Linda JoJo, Chief Customer Officer, United Airlines 

  • Shelia Anderson, Chief Information Officer, Aflac   

  • Shuvankar Roy, Chief Customer OfficerOptimum 

  • Brian Tilzer, Chief Data Analytics and Technology OfficerBest Buy 

  • Dan DeMeyere, Chief Product & Technology OfficerThredUp 

  • Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer, American Medical Association   

  • Aarthi Murali, EVP Service excellenceHolman  

  • Tarun Jain, SVP, eCommerce and Omnichannel, Walmart 

  • Jill Pavlovich, SVP Digital Shopping Experiences, Albertsons 

  • David Graham, SVP, Customer SuccessIntuit

  • Heather Magaha, SVP, Head of Global Treasury Management Service and Implementation, Wells Fargo