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Computop and Eckoh Partner to Provide Retailers with Enhanced Security for Card-Not-Present Payments


Jessica Mularczyk

Computop and Eckoh Partner to Provide Retailers with Enhanced Security for Card-Not-Present Payments

New York and Omaha, NE – August 13, 2020Computop, a leading global payment processor, and Eckoh (AIM: ECK), the global provider of Secure Payment products and Customer Contact solutions, announce that they are partnering to further augment payment security for card-not-present (CNP) payments. Through this relationship, retailers benefit from enhanced payment security across every channel, increasing customer satisfaction.


Rapid innovation, change in consumer preferences and unpredictable external factors mean businesses must remain agile while still offering premium payment security. Computop provides retailers worldwide with innovative, secure omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention. Its Paygate payment platform processes payments across every channel, including e-commerce, at the POS and via mobile devices. Eckoh provides PCI DSS-compliant secure payment solutions to many of the largest enterprises in the UK and US, including many Fortune 500 companies, to ensure that sensitive payment and personal data never enters the contact center environment when a CNP payment is taken, giving a simple and effective way to minimize fraud risk, secure sensitive data and become PCI DSS compliant. Together, Computop and Eckoh provide retailers with the payment security they need to stay nimble, engender consumer trust and meet PCI requirements.


“As a trusted payment service provider, we are always looking to partner with best-in-class providers to offer a full, end-to-end suite of value-added services,” said Briana Kovacs, Vice President of Partnerships, Computop. “Computop and Eckoh’s joint solution enables companies to securely accept preferred forms of card-not-present payments while maintaining enhanced customer service.  This enables retailers to provide consumers with the secure payment options they desire while driving customer satisfaction.”


“We’re excited to partner with Computop to help their customers reach new levels of security and compliance,” says Dan Arntz, President of US Operations for Eckoh. “PCI 4.0 is just around the corner and will introduce even stricter regulations to protect sensitive consumer data. At the same time, you have cybercriminals that are becoming even more aggressive and cunning. Partnering with a reputable company like Computop allows us to extend our simple, secure solutions to their customers — which secures consumer data for card-not-present transactions while easing the burden of PCI compliance.”

About Computop – The Payment People

As one of the very first payment service providers, Computop offers its customers around the world local and innovative omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention. The Computop Paygate payment platform enables seamless integrated payment processes for e-commerce, at POS and on mobile devices. With this internally developed software, retailers and service providers have the flexibility and freedom to choose from over 350 payment methods enabling them to specifically tailor their payment options per country. Technologies such as biometric authentication and self-learning algorithms improve security and convenience for retailers and consumers alike.


Computop, a global player with its head office in Germany and locations in China, England and the USA, has been servicing large international companies in the service, retail, mobility, gaming and travel industries for more than 20 years. These companies include global brands such as Bigpoint, C&A, Fossil, the entire Otto Group, Sixt and Swarovski. Computop also provides it payment system to banks and financial service providers as a white-label solution. Through its customer network and collaboration with the global marketplace Rakuten, Computop processes commercial payment transactions for more than 16,000 retailers annually, with a combined value of USD 34 billion. With its individual and secure solutions, Computop makes a major contribution to the future of international payment processing.



About Eckoh

Eckoh is a global provider of Secure Payment products and Customer Engagement solutions, supporting an international client base from its offices in the US and UK. 

Our Secure Payments products help our clients take payments securely from their customers through all engagement channels. The products, which include the patented CallGuard and ChatGuard, can be hosted in the Cloud or deployed on the client’s site and remove sensitive personal and payment data from contact centers and IT environments. They offer merchants a simple and effective way to reduce the risk of fraud, secure sensitive data and become compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (“PCI DSS”) and wider data security regulations. Eckoh has been a PCI DSS Level One Accredited Service Provider since 2010, securing over $2bn in payments annually.


Eckoh's Customer Contact solutions enable enquiries and transactions to be performed on whatever device the customer chooses, allowing organizations to increase efficiency, lower operational costs and provide a true Omnichannel experience. We also assist organizations in transforming the way that they engage with their customers by providing support and transition services as they implement our innovative customer contact solutions.


Our large portfolio of clients come from a broad range of vertical markets and includes government departments, telecoms providers, retailers, utility providers and financial services organizations.

For more information go to www.eckoh.com or email MediaResponseUS@eckoh.com