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Digital CX & Engagement Summit


Emily Dunn

Digital CX & Engagement Summit

In theory, Customers are more willing than ever to use digital channels to interact with your brand. In reality, they are unhappy with the actual digital experiences they are receiving. Satisfaction scores markedly trail those for the traditional voice experience (and it is not as if customers are over the moon about phone calls).
What will it take to remedy this issue? How can you deliver the effortlessly convenient and highly personalized end-to-end digital experiences your customers are demanding?
Digital CX & Engagement Summit, the inaugural online event from Customer Engagement Insider, will answer these questions and more. Along with providing research into the state of digital experiences, our team of analysts, executive speakers, and cutting-edge innovators will share specific instructions for redesigning your customer and employee journeys for the digital world.
You'll learn what customers really want from digital interactions, how to empower agents to converse in the digital world, how to recalibrate metrics and workflows for the new engagement landscape, and how to ultimately create a seamless, memorable experience at each and every touch point. Register for free now!

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