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Four Ways to Leverage GenAI in Service and Experience


Megan Elswood

Four Ways to Leverage GenAI in Service and Experience

Generative AI holds the promise of transforming customer experience by driving efficiencies, regaining lost productivity, and deriving valuable insights from vast organizational data. As CX leaders navigate the complexities of technology transformation, it's essential to understand how GenAI can be strategically integrated to deliver tangible benefits. 
In this industry report, global customer service and experience leaders from Verizon, CarMax, Amazon, The Coca-Cola Company, Aflac & more share insights on finding the optimal balance between human touch and automation to regain lost productivity, drive efficiency, and derive insight from vast data sets. 
You will take away four key strategies: 

1. Organize, Unify, and Share Data to Drive Results 

To truly harness the power of GenAI, organizations need to break down silos and ensure seamless data sharing across teams. According to Katie Webb, VP at Aflac, using data across teams and getting everyone’s unique perspective is crucial. Capital One's Pamela Cohn-Roy emphasizes that tailored data access for every employee is vital for driving customer-centric decisions. Unified data management can lead to higher revenue growth and profitability by ensuring all departments are aligned towards common goals. 

2. Boost Productivity and Amplify the Human Connection 

GenAI can significantly enhance productivity in contact centers by automating routine tasks and allowing human agents to focus on building meaningful connections. Verizon's Fast Pass and Personal Research Assistant are prime examples of how GenAI can streamline customer interactions, reducing the need for customers to repeat themselves and providing quick, accurate responses. This human-centric approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also drives economic value. 

3. Rewire Customer Connections for the Future 

Companies like Optimum and Coca-Cola are leveraging GenAI to transform their customer service operations and supply chain management. By identifying pain points and using GenAI to streamline processes, these organizations are enhancing customer experiences and driving long-term loyalty. For instance, Coca-Cola’s KO Assist tool uses GenAI to provide real-time insights and automate trends, ensuring that customer needs are met efficiently. 

4. Immerse and Inform but Proceed with Caution 

While GenAI offers significant potential, it is essential to approach its implementation with caution. Industries like healthcare, where stakes are high, require robust guardrails to ensure accuracy and safety. MetroPlusHealth's Brindha Sridhar advises that GenAI should initially tackle less complex tasks to free up resources for high-complexity issues. Building confidence among employees and stakeholders is critical to successfully integrating GenAI into CX strategies. 


GenAI is still evolving, and its full potential is yet to be realized. However, by starting now, organizations can identify use cases, test and learn internally, and develop a long-term strategy to stay ahead of the curve. The key to success lies in leveraging high-quality data, fostering collaboration across teams, and maintaining a human-centric approach to customer interactions. Download our comprehensive report to explore detailed insights and actionable strategies for leveraging GenAI in your organization.