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Free Webinar: Building the Ultimate Customer Service Workforce: Train, Motivate & Empower Agents


Kate Rayner
Reuters News & Media Ltd, 5 Canada Square, Canary Wharf
London, E14 5AQ

Free Webinar: Building the Ultimate Customer Service Workforce: Train, Motivate & Empower Agents

Join Reuters Events Marketing & CX to hear how customer care leaders at Twitter, ESPN, Freshly & Playvox are preparing for the future of customer service & experience!

Support agents are your most important resource - It is more important than ever to evaluate, improve and inspire agent performance. To ensure you are providing the ultimate customer experience, it is vital to identify the strategies and processes that will allow your agents to thrive across all channels.

On September 22nd (1pm Eastern/10am Pacific) we will dive into these key topics:

- Boost your customer service team’s performance - Optimize your quality operations and empower your agents by giving them visibility and real-time feedback on what they can improve.

- Centralize and automate your entire QA process - Ensure quality performance is always being monitored, measured, trained, recognized and rewarded to drive agent improvement & productivity.

- Optimize agent performance across channels - Evolve your CRM to empower your agents with a more actionable understanding of your customers, no matter the touch point.

Click here to register now to join live or pre-order the recording!

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