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InsideSales.com Launches AI Account Management Solution


Zora Falkowski
120 St.James Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

InsideSales.com Launches AI Account Management Solution

InsideSales.com, the AI Sales Platform powered by Collective Intelligence, today announced a new Account Management solution to help businesses grow by maximizing customer lifetime value. Businesses of every size can now use AI to unlock insights from customer data to stay one step ahead of customer needs, spot and react quickly to buying signals and grow pipeline. The solution enables account managers to support more customers, conduct informed and timely communication to improve customer satisfaction, inspire better product reviews, and unlock more referral opportunities.

“Modern sales and marketing funnels extend well beyond the closed deal because the best prospects are often existing customers,” said Dave Elkington, CEO at InsideSales.com. “That’s why we believe AI for Account Management is one of the most valuable capabilities we can deliver to our customers. It allows busy account managers to make the most of their best, yet often ignored, prospects--their current customers.”

Gartner research shows 80 percent of future revenue will come from 20 percent of existing customers, motivating fast-growth companies to take a sales-oriented approach to account management. Using InsideSales.com insights into existing customers, businesses can now:

  • Connect with more customers using exclusive insights to spot buying signals and renewal dates, understand prior customer interactions, prioritize accounts based on the likelihood to engage, and coordinate multi-channel communications to reach deeper into accounts.
  • Increase the prospects for account expansion and renewal to turbocharge land and expand models, prioritize renewal engagements, and increase customer lifetime value.
  • Increase the number of customers each account manager can support, boosting productivity by automating account discovery, prioritizing activities, and ensuring communications are timed for successful engagement.
  • Strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction with informed and timely engagement, inspiring better NPS scores and peer review ratings, and unlocking new referral opportunities.
  • Enhance account visibility to improve forecasting, staying connected to the decision makers in each account and understanding their behavior to improve forecast accuracy and reduce risks that threaten deals.