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Linc’s Premier CX Automation Solution Now Supports Instagram Direct, Enabling Intuitive Customer Assistance on Platform


Erin Pugh

Linc’s Premier CX Automation Solution Now Supports Instagram Direct, Enabling Intuitive Customer Assistance on Platform

Today, Linc announced that its leading CX automation solution now supports Instagram Direct, the private instant messaging feature on Instagram. This enables businesses to leverage Linc’s AI Digital Workers to serve and engage customers via direct message on the social media app. The announcement deepens Linc’s partnership with Facebook following its integrations with Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

Linc’s Digital Workers will provide 24/7 order support, buying and selling assistance, and auto-delivery and subscription awareness to customers on Instagram, rapidly resolving complex ecommerce inquiries at any time. The high-fidelity Digital Workers can solve over 300+ common use cases and over 85% of customer service inquiries, allowing only the most complicated requests to land on the desks of customer support workers, thereby reducing support costs.

Instagram has rapidly grown to be a top social network and key support channel for brands and retailers to interact with customers 1-on-1. It has fast-tracked its evolution into a more commerce-friendly platform with new feature launches, including the global expansion of its Shop feature, the launch of discovery tools like visual search, the expansion of AR try-on features in Checkout and more. Several lifestyle brands that partner with Linc see over 70% of all customer interactions happening on Instagram Direct and the new integration will allow them to create even more consultative buying experiences on the platform.

Linc can now immediately connect its CX automation solution to Instagram at platform level thanks to Instagram opening it’s direct messaging API, which has been a long-awaited feature by merchants. It is now available to all Linc clients, allowing them to be at the forefront of what Instagram has to offer, and outperform competitors with better access and deeper connections with customers. Linc will continue to build out it’s Instagram-based solutions as the platform makes more commerce capabilities available so that Linc clients can stay at the forefront.

Adding this integration also further expands Linc’s omni-channel capabilities, ensuring businesses can instantly and easily offer exceptional and accessible customer service on any channel that their customers prefer. Channels already in place include email, calling, web chat, two-way SMS, other social network direct messaging, and Google Business Messages.

To learn more about how Linc’s solution supports Instagram Direct, you can visit: https://www.letslinc.com/serve-and-engage-customers-via-direct-message-on-instagram/


Linc is a premier CX Automation solution built for modern enterprise retailers and disruptor brands, to rapidly solve complex, high fidelity, eCommerce use cases through built-in Digital Workers, offloading 85% + of the Customer Experience across all conversational channels. Linc’s platform empowers leading brands like Kimberly Clark, Carter’s | Oshkosh, Levi’s, Vineyard Vines and PacSun to deliver anywhere-engagement and real-time services across the entire customer journey. For more information please visit www.letslinc.com