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MetaCX CXLayer To Transform SaaS Apps for the Performance Economy


Kate Wright

MetaCX CXLayer To Transform SaaS Apps for the Performance Economy

MetaCX, the pioneer in a new value-based approach for achieving shared success in B2B ecosystems, announced CXLayer, an industry-first capability that allows MetaCX success plans to be embedded directly into any SaaS application or digital experience.

“Our founding vision for MetaCX was to help B2B companies digitally transform by blurring the boundaries between the product and customer experience,” said Scott McCorkle, co-founder and CEO of MetaCX. “CXLayer delivers on this vision by bringing success plans everywhere, most importantly as an embedded part of the product itself to show customers the value they’re realizing, which is what makes a relationship endure and grow.”

Available now, CXLayer addresses three distinct use cases:

  • It can be used as an embedded success layer for SaaS companies that want to drive more engagement with their users and improve customer retention by bringing value realization to the forefront of the product experience.
  • It can be embedded directly into any portal, website or internal app — such as Salesforce, for example — used to manage the customer relationship as a way to bring live customer engagement to these traditionally internal tools. 
  • It can be used stand-alone as a collaborative customer experience for companies that don’t have a SaaS product or an existing digital experience to extend.

Making value realization insights and proof of performance data a visible and differentiating part of the product experience, this delivers on a major component of the three-part integration plan the company announced last month.

MetaCX transforms how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together with shared success plans backed by live performance data. By creating shared spaces that allow suppliers and buyers to define and measure outcomes, MetaCX helps align sales, success, account management, and delivery teams around real business impact that customers can see. Headquartered in Indianapolis, MetaCX has raised $24.5 million from Upfront Ventures, High Alpha, Greenspring, BIP Capital and Silicon Valley Bank, and is led by former executives from Salesforce, ExactTarget, Facebook, Drift, and Pendo. For more information, visit https://metacx.com/ or follow the company on Twitter @metacx.