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NobelBiz’s Podcast Series Welcomes Shep Hyken to Explore the Magic of Amazing Customer Service


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NobelBiz’s Podcast Series Welcomes Shep Hyken to Explore the Magic of Amazing Customer Service

First Contact podcast ends this year`s season with episode 10, featuring a very special guest, Shep Hyken. This resounding name needs little to no presentation in the contact center niche. But for those new to this industry, Shep is a Customer Service and Experience Expert and Speaker. He is also a hall of fame speaker for the National Speakers Association and a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author. Shep joined Christian Montes for a discussion about today’s contact center!

Shep`s road to professional success started when he was 12, managing his own birthday party magic show business. This funny story inspired the name of this 10th episode of the First Contact Podcast. After decades of experience in the call center industry, Shep still works his magic by helping others to succeed. He works with companies who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees.

Shep`s charming and inquisitive personality is a powerhouse of new and insightful ideas that can both inspire and entertain at the same time.

"Don’t let technology get in the way of a human relationship - you can’t automate a relationship! Now, if you’re in a type of business, where everything is

digital or automated, remember self-service needs a human backup."

- Shep Hyken –

Shep`s lifetime experience also makes him a visionary. The discussion touches many of the present-day questions and issues confronting the contact center industry, beyond customer service. Expect on hearing eye-opening perspectives on leadership, chatbots, building a CS department from scratch, omnichannel and more.

Get a fresh outlook on today`s call center world in episode 10 of the First Contact Podcast: Stories of the Call Center, Exploring the Magic of Amazing Customer Service, with Shep Hyken.

Hear to the full episode here: https://nobelbiz.com/shep-hyken-magic-of-amazing-customer-service/

The First Contact Podcast is open to guests from within the Contact Center Sector who wish to impart their knowledge upon an audience of fellow industry professionals. For inquiries, emails should be directed at mirela.otea@nobelbiz.com

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