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Noble Workforce Management Meets the Growing Demand for WFM Solutions in a Changing Contact Center Landscape


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Noble Workforce Management Meets the Growing Demand for WFM Solutions in a Changing Contact Center Landscape

Atlanta, GA – October 27, 2020:  Noble Systems Corporation, a global leader in omnichannel contact center technology solutions, a global leader in omnichannel contact center technology solutions, is helping contact centers meet the challenges of managing their workforces in the new landscape of work from home environments. The demand for WFM is growing rapidly, especially as companies move to remote working. With over three decades of experience and know-how, Noble offers Workforce Engagement solutions that give companies a powerful ally to help them manage their most valuable resources – their agents and team members. 

The contact center industry has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many companies having to pivot to a remote workforce, virtually overnight. Organizations have reacted rapidly to a new way of working and for many, the necessary changes will open opportunities for a more flexible workforce in the future. A recent report by Valuates Reports shows the global Workforce Management market size is projected to grow 8.4% to USD 9.2 Billion by 2026, driven largely by the expansion of cloud-based platforms and the increasing need for a connected and cohesive enterprise, as well as an integrated workforce management network spread across various locations. 

Managing a remote workforce presents a number of new challenges for keeping agents connected, engaged, and productive. Maximizing the efficiency of your contact center and exceeding customer expectations will always remain a key priority, along with accurately forecasting workloads and ensuring the right resources are available where you need them. It also creates new opportunities, such as increasing the pool of skilled workers, providing more flexibility for scheduling, and increasing agent job satisfaction. 

Workforce Management is a critical piece for managing remote teams. WFM is a powerful driver of extraordinary customer experience and service level attainment. It accomplishes these outcomes by fine tuning forecasting and scheduling. But mismanagement can lead to contact center inefficiency, customer and agent dissatisfaction and loss of revenue. 

“Noble’s Workforce Engagement offerings help contact centers address the shift in WFM,” says Chris Hodges, Noble’s SVP sales and marketing. “It impacts everything from more efficient forecasting and scheduling, to better staff recruitment and retention, to improved productivity with increased worker flexibility – so companies can keep delivering high levels of performance and a strong customer experience, wherever their agents may be located.”   

Watch “2020 – The Year that Transformed WFM” to learn more about how contact centers can manage their teams and gain a competitive edge while navigating today’s new contact center landscape. To learn more about all of Noble’s award-winning customer experience management and workforce engagement solutions, including testimonials and success stories, blogs, and other resources, visit noblesystems.com.

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