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Signavio Launches CEX Edition and Training Academy to Accelerate Journey to Customer Excellence


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Signavio Launches CEX Edition and Training Academy to Accelerate Journey to Customer Excellence

Solutions Empower Organizations to Turn Customer Obsession into Operational Reality


BERLIN & BOSTON-- Signavio, a leading provider of business transformation solutions, today announced the launch of SignavioBusiness Transformation Suite CEX Edition. Signavio’s new Customer Excellence Edition will empower organizations to turn customer obsession into operational reality, and the newly-launched Signavio Academy will provide their teams with the skills to drive this internal transformation.


Signavio’s CEX Edition leverages analytics and other next-gen techniques to identify critical customer interactions and the interdependencies between customer sentiment, moments of truth and underlying process operations. Its innovations include Signavio Journey Modeler, new software that enables organizations to understand and visualize the customer experience in a step-by-step journey, as well as new Process Intelligence tools that leverage data to unlock operational excellence.


Signavio Journey Modeler merges customer experience with process mining insights to discover which operational root causes are driving customer satisfaction or frustration. It allows organizations to connect journeys with processes, metrics, systems and roles, and understand, improve and transform them. It also identifies process gaps that currently exist and drives the changes needed to delight customers at scale.


The new Process Intelligence capabilities include four analytics tools designed to support the individual needs of specific user groups throughout the analysis-to-insights lifecycle:


  • A new Process Oriented Analytics Language, SiGNAL, that allows an effective and scalable creation of process insights with dedicated process functions as easy as SQL
  • A cloud-based in-memory analytics engine – SiGNAL Mining Engine – that can analyze millions of business transactions in real-time
  • A Metrics Library that empowers business users without deep technical knowledge or expertise to leverage the computational power of SiGNAL
  • ETL Pipelines to simplify online and manual data acquisition with a unique process-mining oriented data model creation

Gero Decker, CEO of Signavio comments: “In the vast majority of organizations there is a major disconnect between their customer journeys and the underlying operational processes that support them. This has led to the emergence of a new Customer Excellence category that demands a combination of innovative technology, such as our new CEX Edition, as well as specialized skills that our Signavio Academy will build.”


The Signavio Academy will accelerate the growth of the Customer Excellence category by upskilling thousands of process managers. The curriculum will focus on building the skills, techniques and approaches that are essential to success in a profession that is becoming more data-driven and customer-experience focused.


Decker continues: “Business leaders are starting to realize that redesigning processes is a highly effective way of driving change at scale. However, the true value is only unlocked through a combination of inside-out and outside-in thinking. The next generation of process experts will fuse data science with design thinking. It’s an exciting evolution that we hope to accelerate through the launch of our Academy.”


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