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UAE server expansion announced at ITW by global in-country number testing company Spearline


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UAE server expansion announced at ITW by global in-country number testing company Spearline

At International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Atlanta, Spearline, a network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry, announced the expansion of its in-country number testing platform to the UAE.  In July, Spearline’s customers can test audio quality and connectivity, automatically and at volume in the UAE, as well as in 65 other countries worldwide. To date, Spearline has conducted millions of test calls worldwide, resulting in billions of data-points.  

In “The UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers' Guide (16th edition - 2018-19)”, research shows that industry waste is approaching $177M due to the need to repeat conversation elements due to poor audio quality.   The research indicates that as much as 10% of calls are impacted by issues and that the poor communication results in a 4.54% increase in average call duration. This is expensive for enterprises and time consuming for agents and customers.  The Spearline platform allows global enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test contact numbers for connectivity and audio quality globally.

Speaking about the upcoming Spearline server expansion into the UAE and the benefits to customers, Mike Palmer, Chief Marketing Officer at Spearline said, “Through our proactive testing and monitoring platform, our global customers can increase customer experience and lower costs.  From July 2019, enterprises with a presence in the UAE can enjoy improvements in first contact resolution and reduced callback volumes; proactive identification of issues and improvements in incident MTTR; and reduced customer experience derived customers churn and revenue protection.  The platform also gives them support for major change initiatives / migrations; improved vendor management and leverage to improve carrier pricing or apply SLA penalties; and improved NPS/CSAT and brand reputation.”

Mark Rohan, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Spearline continued, “Through our in-country model, we test the contact numbers of enterprises globally.  We test through PSTN (traditional landline) phone lines and/or mobile phone lines and have our own proprietary network of servers, which are connected to standard telephone lines.  Our SaaS model allows our customers to trigger test calls via that network, to their local toll or toll free contact number. With the introduction of the new server, our customers will be able to generate a real call in the UAE, from a standard phone line.”

Headquartered in Ireland with offices in Romania and India, Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry.  Its platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume.  It operates a 24 hours per day, 365 days per year support service for customers. With the addition of the UAE, Spearline will have coverage in 66 countries and continues to grow it presence on a global scale.  


Through its SaaS solution, Spearline’s enterprise, unified communications and telecoms customers can test audio quality and connectivity automatically and at volume on a global scale.  Spearline’s customers are enterprises which have a global contact center network or a centralised shared-services center supporting global markets, and telecommunications service providers.

Spearline has coverage / servers in 65 countries, which will increase to 66 with the UAE installation.  To view the Spearline coverage map, visit: 



For further information, visit: www.spearline.com