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Webinar: Unify Marketing & CX to Truly Understand Your Customer


Sofia Gerrard

Webinar: Unify Marketing & CX to Truly Understand Your Customer

Too often, a company’s internal silos and antiquated approaches to data management hold them back from gaining a deeper understanding of the customer journey. In doing so, you miss opportunities at every interaction to meaningfully engage your customer, cultivate brand loyalty and drive sales.

Led by executives from AudibleJCPenney, and Zappos, Reuters Events is hosting an interactive webinar discussion (July 18, 12-1PM EDT). Learn how to boost collaboration between marketing and CX, along with a holistic approach to data that can help you better understand and engage your customer on a more personal level.

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Join us for ‘Unify Marketing & CX to Truly Understand Your Customer’ and attend alongside 1,000+ service, experience, and marketing leaders. It’s the cross-functional collaboration you truly do not want to miss!

Three reasons you should prioritize this discussion:

  • Unlock deeper personalization: Overcome fragmented data and disparate silos to gain a better understanding of your customer and enable more engaging interactions.
  • Curate more consistent journeys: Consistency matters at every touchpoint. Align your messaging, visuals and tone throughout your customer journey to build equity, loyalty and trust.
  • Create feedback loops that build value: Unlock upsells, understand what resonates and refine process by creating feedback loops between marketing and experience.

You’ll learn from an expert C-suite panel of cross-functional leaders, including:

  • Cynthia Chu, Chief Growth and Financial Officer, Audible
  • Katie Mullen, Chief Customer Officer, JCPenney
  • Joe Cano, Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer, Zappos
  • Julia Fitzgerald, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Build-A-Bear

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