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ddCom Systems Partners with Behavioral Signals to Enhance its Contact Center Solutions


Popi Paraschaki

ddCom Systems Partners with Behavioral Signals to Enhance its Contact Center Solutions

ddCom Systems to leverage Behavioral Signals’ Emotion AI Solution, AI-Mediated Conversations for Contact Centers

 Los Angeles, CA – July 11th, 2022 – Behavioral Signals, a Los Angeles-based software company and leading provider in Conversational AI technology, announces its partnership with ddCom Systems, a guiding contact center solutions provider, based in Brazil, to offer AI-Mediated Conversations in the Brazilian market.

The solution will leverage Behavioral Signals’ AI-MC technology and its capability of matching each customer to the best-suited agent, to achieve improved financial outcomes, and advanced customer experience, with every single conversation. The solution has been developed for contact centers focused on, customer support, CX,  sales, and collections. Due to the ease of implementation, the AI-MC solution can be tested on old or new voice data, deducing measurable insights, while predicting KPIs like propensity to buy.

According to Roberto Dechiare Junior - ddCom Systems CEO -  "This is a strategic partnership to expand our operations in different segments of the corporate market, by offering solutions that contribute to increasing the growth of our customers' businesses". The ddCom Systems technical team is qualified to implement and maintain the solution, always committed to helping customers to extract the most from the features and resources offered by the tools. The executive adds, "With this new partnership, we will be able to offer companies access to cutting-edge technology, supported by the best consulting practices", concludes Roberto Dechiare Junior.

Rana Gujral, CEO at Behavioral Signals, “Behavioral Signals and ddCom Systems share the commitment to providing exceptional customer engagement through AI solutions like AI-Mediated Conversations. This partnership not only cements the capabilities of AI-MC but also the power of real-time data solutions to make better decisions with improved outcomes for banks, BPOs, and sales“ he said. “We are excited about partnering with ddCom Systems and leveraging the AI-MC technology to create disruptive value for current and future customers of ddCom Systems. Using AI-MC, ddCom System’s clients can enhance their ability to utilize emotional analysis in real-time and deliver quantifiable outcomes, such as increased revenue collection, increased sales, and improved the overall customer experience”. 

About ddCom Systems

ddCom Systems has been working for the past 30 years in the development and implementation of technology solutions with voice, recording, chatbots, and now conversational AI. www.ddcom.com.br

About Behavioral Signals

Behavioral Signals enhance communication by deducing intelligent and actionable insights from voice using deep learning and NLP. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA,  and Athens, GR. https://behavioralsignals.com