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eGain Launches AssistGPT™, First-of-Its-Kind Solution to Automate Knowledge for Customer Engagement


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eGain Launches AssistGPT™, First-of-Its-Kind Solution to Automate Knowledge for Customer Engagement

An integral part of the eGain Knowledge Hub and powered by Generative AI out of the box, AssistGPT is a comprehensive zero-code solution for Knowledge Automation. For example, knowledge content draft creation, which used to take weeks, can now be completed in just a few minutes. The solution also helps customers in their omnichannel journeys with quick answers and contact center agents and business analysts in the flow of their work. An AI Console allows administrators to define guard rails for the use of generative AI, manage prompts, and orchestrate it with other AI technologies in the enterprise. 


AssistGPT also comes with an out-of-the-box prompt library, which enables organizations to add business-specific prompts. Based on a BYO architecture, the solution allows the business to plug in their own AI engines to answer the prompts. Sample out-of-the-box use-cases include: 


  • AX (Agent Experience) 
    • Provides answer needle to customer queries from content haystacks 
    • Summarizes customer conversations 
    • Improves responses 
  • KX (Knowledge Author Experience) 
    • Generate summary and keywords 
    • Create and set up prompts 
    • Write, condense, expand, translate, brand-align, or improve knowledge articles 
  • BX (Business managers and analysts) 
    • Extract insights from customer feedback and reports 
    • Get executive summary of insights and actions 
    • Create knowledge content suggestions  


"Generative AI takes effort out of knowledge management. KM offers reliable content, business controls, and analytics for generative AI," said Ashu Roy, eGain CEO. "Together, they deliver transformational value in customer engagement." 


More information 

AssistGPT: www.eGain.com/solutions/generative-AI/AssistGPT 

eGain Knowledge Hub: https://www.egain.com/products/knowledge-hub/ 

No-charge production pilot: https://www.egain.com/try-chatgpt-for-cx/ 


About eGain 

Infused with AI, our knowledge-powered software automates digital-first experiences for enterprises and government agencies. Pre-connected with leading CRM and contact center systems, the eGain platform delivers quick value and easy innovation with virtual assistance, customer self-service, and modern agent desktop tools. Visit www.eGain.com for more info. 


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First-of-Its-Kind Solution to Automate Knowledge for Customer Engagement

First-of-Its-Kind Solution to Automate Knowledge for Customer Engagement