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nVoq Webcast on CRMXchange to Focus on How Automation Can be Used to Optimize Agent Performance

Sheri Greenhaus
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nVoq Webcast on CRMXchange to Focus on How Automation Can be Used to Optimize Agent Performance

Sarasota, FL March 15, 2019.  The advent of automation is often seen as the tipping point for the declining involvement of real people in the contact center. But for the foreseeable future, human agents are still the most effective options for dealing with complex interactions. Rather than trying to replace agents, companies implementing RPA technology and bots would achieve better results by pursuing opportunities to use automation to leverage their “human capital.” This is defined as the “knowledge, skills, competencies and personality attributes embodied in individuals or groups of individuals “– in this case, the contact center workforce.

Boulder, CO-based nVoq, developer of Sayit, a cloud-based speech recognition solution designed to help improve workflow, will address these issues head-on in an upcoming complimentary webcast on CRMXchange entitled “Successfully Implementing Agent-Driven Automation: A How-To Guide”  on Thursday, April 18 at 1:00 PM ET.

According to nVoq CEO and Founder Charles Corfield, who will deliver the presentation, “Taskflow automation-- developed and driven by agents-- will result in higher CSAT scores, reduced AHT, fewer errors, and greater employee engagement.” The webcast will outline a 5-step process to implement successful taskflow automations at the agent desktops. Topics to be discussed include:

  • The need to spend time with reps on chat, phone, or offline, which enables companies to start by seeking out repetitive tasks, even small ones.
  • The importance of working with the agents to put an initial set of taskflow automations in place.
  • Developing the ability to assess if the new automations “move the needle” on your KPIs.
  • Finding the best way to rollout this new capability across the call center.
  • Putting in place a process for change that includes their input.

Corfield is no stranger to building processes-- and companies-- from the ground up. He is a 25-year veteran of the technology center in both operational and investment roles. He has served at organizations from start-ups to public companies, developing an interest in voice automation to speed desktop workflow during his experiences at BeVocal, (now Nuance) and iBasis (now KPN). He also enjoys running ultra-marathons, both races and fun runs, such as double crossings of the Grand Canyon and The White Rim Trail.

Registration for the webcast is free: either use this link or visit www.crmxchange.com for complete listings of this and other upcoming presentations.

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