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Smart Furniture with the Custom Fit of Home

Interior Concepts

Presented By: Interior Concepts

  • The Problem:
    This case study is presented by Interior Concepts

    Home Trends is a Rochester, N.Y.-based catalog company that sells home supplies to satisfied customers, primarily in the United States. The company is the brainchild of former-teacher-turned-entrepreneur Jane Glazer, who in 1983 left her teaching job to do something “different”—something part-time that would engage her for a few hours a day. She didn’t know that her part-time job would turn to a full-time passion, or that she would launch her own direct mail catalog company to rival competitors such as Vermont Country Store, Harriet Carter and Walter Drake. With little more than gumption, a willingness to learn and a latent business spirit, Jane grew her firm from weekly sales of $54.73 to more than $50 million annually, with a continued annual growth of 10 percent.

  • Solution:
    After receiving a quote that featured the company’s free space-planning services and custom design and manufacturing capabilities, Jane Glazer selected Interior Concepts to provide her call center’s new furniture.
  • Result:
    One by one, Interior Concepts provided solutions that were a perfect fit for Home Trends’ call center. Their furniture adapts to any environment. The furniture was customized to the exact specifications of our space without charging extra or pushing out lead times. Jane Glazer and her Home Trends employees are very happy with their new furniture and intend to turn again to Interior Concepts for furniture solutions that fit when phase two gets under way.