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Data Privacy, Improved Customer and Employee Satisfaction are Key Drivers of Avaya’s New Workforce Optimization Suite


Presented By: Avaya

There is a lot of activity going on and positive energy emanating from Avaya. The global contact center/unified communications giant has been on a non-stop march to update its portfolio of software and services. The impetus is also to establish Avaya as a serious player in the cloud as well as in hybrid and its traditional on-prem deployment.

One key area in which the company is stepping up its efforts in the growing workforce optimization market. The recently released updated version of its Workforce Optimization Suite…called a “significant milestone” by Mike Butts, Senior Manager of Product Management for Avaya…is designed to improve service quality, operational and employee productivity and data privacy with a series of new features and tools.

“It offers advanced applications to drive CX improvement, offering a module with 15 new capabilities,” said Butts. He considers the suite’s most beneficial features to be:

-           Advanced call recording: Companies can capture customer interactions, including voice and data interactions in SIP, IP, TDM, and mixed telephony environments, automatically or selectively.  

-           Real-time speech analytics: Enables businesses to Improve operational effectiveness by monitoring calls in real-time to detect keywords and phrases of interest. For example, statements such as “I’m unhappy” or “I’m closing my account” can be immediately flagged to help drive ongoing interactions to better outcomes.  

-           Notification/QM:  Send real-time guidance to front-line personnel based on the different rules of the specific organization.  Automated Quality Management allows for speeding scoring for some or all questions on evaluation forms. It also gets more interaction recordings into systems, allowing supervisors and quality managers to become better coaches. For business that want greater control, QM can be done on an assisted as well as automated basis.   

-           Adherence to GDPR/regulatory compliance: A key focus in the design process was securing personal data and keeping it private to meet European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, as well as other emerging standards such MiFID II, HiPAA and others. “More than 50% of companies will still not be in compliance with GDPR by the end of 2018,” noted Karen Hardy, Avaya’s VP of Product Management. “We wanted to create a way help expedite the transition.”

The Avaya Workforce Optimization Suite strengthened data privacy with the newest features to help securely record, process, archive, and protect customers’ personal data to reach compliance goals. This includes enhanced encryption capabilities to secure the most sensitive information. It also encompasses Payment Card Industry Security (PCI), data identification and tagging and identify consent/no consent situations to help ensure GDPR compliance.  

-           Scheduling optimized staff with the right skills- The Avaya WFO Suite empowers companies to reduce operational costs by helping to ensure that contact centers are properly staffed by the right number of individuals with the skills necessary to meet service levels. It enables managers to predict the workload of calls, emails, and chat sessions by modeling contact behavior for diverse types of events and circumstances. This in turns allows them to quickly and easily schedule across channels in omnichannel environments.

The Avaya WFO Suite was developed within the framework of the company’s ongoing partnership with Verint, which was recently recognized as a leader in Workforce Engagement solutions in the 2018 Contact Center Workforce Optimization Market Share Report from DMG Consulting. “It is OEMed and branded as Avaya. We have 6000 WFO customers over 7000 sites,” noted Butts. “We are ratcheting up the partnership with our development teams working together to create deeper integrations with other Avaya solutions: in addition, we have our own WFO teams across the world, seeking out new markets.”

The Avaya Workforce Optimization Suite is designed for enterprise customers: for SMBs with less than 100 seats, the company offers Avaya WFO Selects, based on the KnoahSoft Harmony solution. They promote it as “providing enterprise-level capabilities at a price that meets the needs of midsize business budgets.”

The introduction of Avaya Workspaces will complement the capabilities of the WFO suite and further enhance agent performance by consolidating information from multiple sources into a modern agent desktop. It will bring together information from multiple sources—customer profiles, buying history, and interactions— and make them instantly available in a single, consolidated view. This will enable front-line personnel…and back-office employees as well-- to better track the complete customer journey and provide more personalized service.