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Lionbridge Technologies Executive Interview

Clint Poole, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Lionbridge Technologies

Lionbridge GeoFluent Language Solution Enables Companies to Develop Digital Strategies to Meet Consumer Preferences

While people communicate in a vast array of different languages, consumers all over the world have some common expectations. They want the messages they receive from the companies with whom they do business to be delivered to them not only in their native tongue but in context and with the proper emotive tone. It’s more crucial than ever for organizations who want to expand their presence in the global economy to be able to create offers and provide responsive service that is both tailored to the needs of their customers and linguistically accurate.

“Research reveals that 74 percent of business buyers conduct more than half their research online before making a purchase and 84 percent of people are more inclined to purchase when information is presented in their native language,” said Clint Poole, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Lionbridge. “This means that businesses must prioritize their digital strategies and consider language and cultural nuances to be successful global players. But managing strategy, content and execution across multiple languages is a complex process and needs to be thoughtfully planned to ensure that it is properly implemented and can cross the boundaries between marketing, .sales and service.”

According to Poole, companies need to develop a framework to roll out their digital strategy. “Some of the things they need to consider are ‘what content can be managed internally, what can be done directly by a centralized translation service or needs to be transcreated (a more in-depth process that provides contextual content that incorporates cultural nuances) and what needs to be created regionally within the market,” he said.    

lionbridge.geofluent Of course, delivering services such as live chat present a more complex challenge than creating promotional content. The translation/localization/global content development provider uses its SaaS-based GeoFluent solution to offer real-time multilingual capabilities for voice, digital and self-service channels to meet the needs of contact centers and business process outsourcers. “Ultimately, customer preferences drive behavior and delivering a positive customer experience is the key differentiator in shaping their choices,” noted Poole. “Having the ability to instantly bring a real-time translator into a conversation enables enterprise companies to improve engagement without the expense of having to hire multilingual or native-speaking customer service agents or establish in-country contact centers.”

Agents in Lionbridge client companies can access over-the-phone (OTP) interpreters at the flick of a switch. Chat applications sit behind the business’ platform to instantly translate incoming chat into the language of the agent and convert responses to the sender’s native language. To help ensure success, Lionbridge makes an upfront effort to understand the specific needs and priorities of its customers. Linguistic agents are given style guides to help them engage in knowledgeable conversations with customers of the companies they represent. “Customers expect their interactions with the agent with whom they are engaging to be transparent,” said Poole. The solution also develops an ongoing knowledge base to better serve customers in their native languages on their channels of preferences.

GeoFluent covers more than 95% of the world’s GDP, with 50+ available languages. It’s compatible with a variety of existing communication platforms, highly scalable and flexible and offers rapid implementation with a concise learning curve.   

Catering to the needs of what Poole sees as “educated global consumers” positions businesses to expedite issue resolution, reduce customer effort and improve NPS, CSAT and other measured KPIs. “Most companies put marketing first and customer care second in their hierarchy, but an increasing number of brands are learning that post-sale service is crucial.”