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Best Practices for Deploying a Modern, Predictive IVR System


Presented By: Intelepeer

intelepeer.june2016According to Ovum, 75% of customers indicated that they have successfully resolved their issues on the phone, compared with just 11% on a website and 5% via social media. Ovum also learned that 43% of customers identified IVR as the biggest issue with customer service.

Clearly the phone is still the go-to channel when customers need to resolve issues and IVR is the “front door” to an organization’s contact center and a positive customer experience. IVRs can be used to enhance their experience, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Despite the importance of IVR in the customer journey, many organizations have not updated their systems. So while customer expectations for their service experiences have risen, the lack of investment in IVR means their phone interactions have gotten worse.

If you are running a contact center, isn’t it time to stop neglecting your IVR? Learn best practices for deploying a modern, predictive IVR system. 


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