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It’s the Year of the Agent! Use WFO to Revolutionize Your Agent Engagement

NICE inContact

Presented By: NICE inContact

Workforce optimization, or WFO, is one of those buzz terms that gets tossed around industry conversations quite frequently these days. But what does WFO actually mean? And more importantly, why do contact center professionals need to care?

The answer is simple: WFO can be an absolute game changer for your company! It incorporates many core foundations of customer service and influences everything from the overall management of the contact center, to the agent’s performance and experience, and on into the customer’s journey with your brand. WFO at its simplest will improve productivity, increase overall customer satisfaction, and raise revenue

In the year of the agent, (and the years following), contact centers need to focus on improving agent conditions and fueling customer experience opportunities! Use the technological advances of WFO to get you there.

Download this educational whitepaper to learn best practices related to:
•       The value of workforce optimization
•       Empowering agents to impact the customer experience
•       Automating workforce management to deliver a consistent experience to agents
•       Applying quality management across channels
•       Performance management practices that lead to high performing agents
•       The top ways to help your agents perform better
•       And more

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