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The Total Cost of Cloud Ownership


Presented By: Intelepeer

While you’re fully aware of the benefits of a cloud-based call center at this point, Ovum just released new information regarding cost benefits.

Examining total cost of ownership over a five year period, their new study finds that “pricing has declined significantly” – in some cases up to 30% – for cloud-based call center platforms. And don’t think this is only happening in large organizations. It’s happening across the board.

This new report also goes beyond simple cost savings, laying out nine possible scenarios for technology deployment based on contact center size. Factors like security, industry expertise, geographic reach, reliability, and vendor relationships are proving to be just as important as major cost savings.

Whether you’re an SMB that’s currently looking for new solutions to cut costs or an enterprise needing the most recent facts and figures for future reference, you can download the full report here:
“The Total Cost of Ownership of Cloud- and Premise-Based Contact Center Platforms.”