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CXMB Series 2017 Consumer Edition Report

The CXMB Series report, a collaboration between Execs In The Know and COPC Inc., is published bi-annually and features both Corporate and Consumer Editions. The objective is to cultivate a deep understanding of industry norms and best practices, while simultaneously providing customer experience professionals with a baseline to measure their organization’s own strategies and activities against.

The most recent release is the 2017 Consumer Edition. This year’s Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series Consumer Edition report brings an expanded dataset, new standalone questions and two completely new sections, The Purchase Experience and Customer Effort. This new content adds greater depth to the continued exploration into the opinions, perceptions and expectations of the U.S.-based consumer.   

As in previous years, the 2017 CXMB Series Consumer Edition report brings in-depth coverage of not only Traditional Care, but also of alternative channels. The Alternative Channel Journey section, which was introduced last year, returns with insights and conclusions now bolstered by two years’ worth of results. Also, like volumes from previous years, channels have been defined to survey participants as follows:

Traditional Care: Phone, Email and In-Person

Interactive Care: Online/Video Chat, FAQ and Self-Help

Social Media Care: Twitter, Facebook, Forums, etc.

Mobile Care: Apps, Text/SMS and Mobile Chat  


Highlights from this year’s CXMB Series Consumer Edition report:    

  • After two consecutive years of solid improvements, consumer opinion toward customer care’s ability to meet needs and expectation has flattened
  • With results going back to 2014, 2017 saw the lowest percentage of consumers avoiding interacting with customer care 
  • Whether or not consumers self-select the multi-channel approach (as opposed to being forced into it) continues to have a profound impact on resolution and satisfaction rates for multichannel engagements 
  • In-Person Shoppers place far more value on good customer service than Online Shoppers
  • More survey respondents feel brands should focus their improvement efforts on the customer care experience than on any other area, including shopping, purchase and ownership experiences
Learn more and purchase the report here: https://goo.gl/sr2N9R