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Customer Journey Insights: The Corporate Perspective

The CXMB Series report, a collaboration between Execs In The Know and COPC Inc., is published bi-annually and features both Corporate and Consumer Editions. The objective is to cultivate a deep understanding of industry norms and best practices, while simultaneously providing customer experience professionals with a baseline to measure their organization’s own strategies and activities against.

The most recent release is the 2016 Corporate Edition – Customer Journey Insights: The Corporate Perspective. The ninth report in the Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series, the 2016 Corporate Edition extends previous trend lines and expands on areas recently explored in the 2016 Consumer Edition.

Once again, the CXMB Series Corporate Edition report was well-supported by the community, with participation from a broad array of companies and industries including DTE Energy, Hyatt, Kohl's, Nintendo, HomeAdvisor, Sony, Petco, Marriott, FedEx and more.

A few highlights from the findings:
• Only 31% of survey participants believe they currently offer support in all channels their customers want to use
• 59% of respondents indicate their Quality Assurance (QA) programs are aligned with their CSAT results, but only 38% of respondents feel their QA programs are helping to monitor and improve resolution and CSAT rates
• A strong correlation exists between forcing customers into a multichannel approach and lower CSAT and resolution rates, yet 61% of survey participants reported they were actively trying to shift traffic from one channel to another
• Only 26% of brands feel they are providing a consistent experience when customers engage their brands with a multichannel approach

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