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5 Reasons Your Omni-Channel Strategy Isn't Working - Infographic


Presented By: Aspect

Q: What did one “siloed” customer service channel say to the other?  

The answer is: Nothing, because everyone knows silos can’t talk to each other. And if your CRM records are locked inside one system, they’re useless everywhere else. That’s bad news for customer satisfaction. Today’s customers expect to be able to start a conversation in one channel and easily continue it in another — without having to repeat themselves. While nearly all businesses (98%, according to Accenture) currently provide more than one service channel, 65% of customers are frustrated by the lack of consistency across channels. 

Frustrated customers are no laughing matter! Simply adding on more ways to communicate isn’t going to create a seamless omni-channel experience. Check out the infographic below to see if your business is falling into any of these 5 customer experience traps. Then, let’s talk about how Aspect can help you break down silos and deliver exceptional omni-channel customer care. 

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